Eid Mubarak: Hon Agho Oliver Gifts Tubah Muslim faithful

Hon Agho Oliver with symbolic gifts at the Bambui Central mosque 

The Honourable member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah constituency has donated cartons of soap, sugar, salt and kettles to the Muslim community in Bambui and Sabga.

The donation exercise that took place in the sidelines of the celebration of the Eid Mubarak (the end of the ramadan period) was greeted with a lot of applause from the Muslim faithfuls and leaders.

Sulle Bako, youth leader

Sulle Bako, the youth president was emphatic that the yearly donation to the Muslim community in Tubah must be saluted and appreciated.

"May Allah, the most gracious and most merciful richly bless you for always remembering us. This donation will go along way to carter for the mosque and the families that observed the Ramadan." Sulle Bako said.

In a message to the Muslim community, the Imam of the Bambui Central mosque, Awalu Mohammadu, warned them in the words of Prophet Mohammed that " The world is a prison for the believers and is a paradise for the unbelievers."

He cautioned them to continue upholding the virtues of the holy month.

"Don't celebrate out of Islamic teachings. A lot was forbidden during Ramadan like alcoholic drinks, fornication, adultery and indecent dressing and other immoral acts are still forbidden after Ramadan." A section of his message read.

Muslim faithfuls at Eid Mubarak 

The period of Ramadan is characterised by the acts of giving known as the zakat. The Muslim community was reminded by the Imam that "Ramadan without giving out charity to the poor his or her fasting is hanging between the heavens and the earth until charity is given before the fasting is accepted by Allah."

Hon Agho Oliver appreciating the Muslim community 

This was a message that appealed to the member of Parliament, Hon Agho Oliver. He saluted the message of the Imam and encouraged others to continue giving as a sign of love.

He congratulated the Muslim community for their peace loving attitude witnessed since the start of the political unrest in the North West and South West Regions.

He used the occasion to call on all potential voters to get registered on the electoral register ahead of multiple elections in 2025.

"We have a social contract. It is imperative that you get registered on the electoral register. We have elections next year and we count on you." Hon Agho Oliver told the Muslim community.

His Majesty the Fon of Bambui

Present to pray with the Muslims was the Fon of Bambui, Fon Angafor Mobo-oh called on the community to guard against bickering and focus on living together in a harmonious society. 

He used the occasion to call on the MP to launch a scholarship scheme that can assist deserving pupils and students.

A request the MP said was under review.

Tubah, DO and Ghejung Awunti assists the MP in gifting to the Muslim community 

The occasion of the 2024 Eid Mubarak in Tubah took place under the auspices of the DO of Tubah, Massango Metouge. He used the occasion to salute the Muslims who he said are "worthy partners of the social policy of the state."


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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