CAMTEL FENASCO A Games: Minister Nalova Lyonga Flags off 24th edition; Emphasizes importance of Education and cultural identities

CAMTEL at the heart of the 2024 FENASCO A Games in Limbe 

Secondary Education Minister Pauline Nalova Lyonga, Wednesday April 3rd 2024, officially gave her blessings for the kick off of games at the ongoing National Federation for College and University Sports known in it's French acronym as FENASCO. The game has brought students and staff of secondary schools across the 10 regions of the country and will run from the 2nd to 9th of April 2024 at Mokundange, Limbe.

Prof Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary Education 

This year's theme is, "School Games, Guarantee of Peace and Sustainable Development"

Expounding on this theme during her keynote address to the thousands of students and teachers, the minister who doubles as the Chairperson of the Federal Council of FENASCO League A, showed alot of excitement to be back home in Limbe to host the games. The minister deeply appreciated the various regions for coming in good numbers and equally showed Honour to state forces, Government and local administrative authorities and local organising committee, for ensuring a smooth kick off in Limbe where many had doubted its ability to host the games. "I am so happy and this represents an opportunity for us to preserve our cultural identity and ensure sustainability for these young children", She added.

CAMTEL and its leading brand, Blue present at the kickoff match 

To get the ball rolling, Limbe City Mayor, Paul Efome Ngalle and 7 times Mount Cameroon Race winner, Sarah Etonde mounted the Olympic flames in the Ngeume stadium, paving way for March past parade by various delegations with a distinctive show of the cultural prowress of all regions of Cameroon and the main sponsor of the event, CAMTEL.

The Launching match pitted The Football Girls from the North West Region and their mates of the South West Region following a kick off from Sports and physical Education Minister, Prof Narcisse Mouelle Kombi. Conceiving an early goal during the first half and another towards the end of the second half, the North West team yielded to pressure and suffered a 2-nil  defeat from the South West. An impressive display applauded by spectators. The children say, FENASCO is a good opening to sail their talents through.
According to Chiamaka Synthia , a player from Bamenda, "The match was a tough one, we tried by South West Won. We will come back for them again. This is my first time at the FENASCO and it is really good"

The cultural diversity of Cameroon representrd by the various regions

Minister Nalova Lyonga was accompanied by other ministers like Joseph Le of Public Service and administrative Reforms, Physical Education Minister, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, Minister Delegate to the minister of Justice, Keeper of the seal, Jean De Dieu Momo, and other high profile state personnel. This tells of the importance of the games to the ministry of secondary Education and the state as a whole.

According to the president of the executive bureau of the FENASCO league A Games 2024, there are 11 categories of games to be played, 60 independent athletes and 04 Paralympics.

However, the students won't spend all time of the week on the games. Mornings and Afternoons are for sporting activities while evening hours are dedicated exclusively for academics. This by means of lectures, story tellings and group work.

The students will also have the opportunity to discover the touristic features of Limbe on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April as dedicated for  that purpose.

The innovation this year is the Minister's Cup for teachers and Staff in the Ministry. This has been played already with the North Region emerging winners. 

This 2024 FENASCO League A Games is officially sponsored by Cameroon's Leading Telecommunications Company, CAMTEL.

At the close of the games, the next host will be announced. To note that, the journey of the Olympic flames is from Garoua - Gashiga in 2023 to Mokundange, Limbe in 2024

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