Bamenda Main Market inferno: PC Azire Compensates 26 Christians

Rev Mrs Uzo Theresa Bensez handing support package to victims 

Some 26 Christians of the Presbyterian Church Azire have been compensated after the disastrous fire outbreak at the Bamenda Main Market on the 22nd February 2024.

The church carried out an assessment of the victims and arrived at the number of 26. 

Special offertory baskets to raise funds and support the victims saw the contribution of 1.4 million francs by the Christians of PC Azire. The session of the church led by Elder Dr Tah-Monunde Mercy, added 200,000 Francs to the amount to make it 1.6 million.

The congregational chairperson noted that during the exercise to hand the money to the victims, many more persons showed up and their situation will be looked into.

"From our congregation we were able to identify 26 Christians that we attended to though today when we called them out many more came which we are going to look into.

"A total amount of 1.4 million was raised and session added 200,000 francs to make it 1.6 million." Elder Dr Tah told reporters.

The ravaging fire incident, the biggest in the history of the more than 60-year old Bamenda Main Market, saw more than 300 market stalls burnt to ashes. 

PC Azire congregation 

During an evaluation of the level of damage to the site led by Mezam SDO, owners of the stalls cried to the fact that hundreds of millions were consumed by the fire.

One of the beneficiaries appreciated the church for coming to their aid describing the money as a seed that will definitely grow.

"It has been a wonderful day. What started as a dream, gradually the congregants put themselves powerfully and put a seed, not exactly what we lost but by faith, we are hopeful that it will go a long way to sustain us. 

"On behalf of my family and the other victims, we are sincerely grateful and we do not take this for granted."

The compensation exercise that took place, Sunday 28th April 2024 was presided over by the Rev Mrs Uzo Theresa Bensez, Presbyterial Secretary for Mezam South.

Cross section of the beneficiaries 

She called on the Christians to remain faithful to the Lord for he will refill their pockets.

The package from PC Azire is the first to victims of the inferno since the incident occurred some two months ago.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

Photo credit: Nchang Carine/CBS Bamenda 

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