Association Des Femmes Riveraines De la SOCAPLAM D'Edea petitions creation of new farms by SOCAPLAM DG

In an open letter made public on April 5th, 2024, the Association Des Femmes Riveraines De la SOCAPLAM D'Edea (AFRISE) has written against the extension of SOCAPLAM's activities in their area.

The letter signed by the President of the association, Felicite Ngon Bissou, says any form to extend the plantation will greatly affect the livelihood of villagers around the plantation.

" Let us remind you that, this replanting is a way of depriving us and our families of the basic living space on which we depend. If, after planting behind our huts, you now go back to planting hundreds of thousands of hectares of oil palm right in front of our houses, we can guarantee that the peace we all so earnestly desire will be permanently compromised." a section of the letter read.

The women also requested that the provisions of Decree no 76-166 of the 24 of April 1976 be respected. This sets the terms and conditions for the management of land matters where before such an extension can be done, a consultative commission whose role is central, to determine where these extensions can be done.

The open letter situates five key areas which is of great concern to the women.

1. That they need land to grow food and feed their families
2. That they need their forests where they gather non-timber forest products that they process and sell to earn income, provide medicines and other means of subsistence.
3. Rivers which they fish on is giving way.
4. The environment is polluted.
5. Desecration of graves for palm fruits.
6. That their environment is now filled with flies.

The women requested that their land be protected from any form of incursions. They say an incursions will greatly tempered with their livelihood accusing SOCAPALM not carrying any social cooperate responsibilities in the area.

The women also decry the non-visitation to be area by the Director General of SOCAPALM who in an earlier pronouncement, said he will visit the site before any extension can commence.

The women propose a way forward which reads; " we ask you to postpone your extension project and to honour the appointment you have made with us, so that true peace can return and serenity can finally prevail." 

It is noe left to see what the traditional and administrative authorities will do to arrest the situation.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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