Edge construction Company begins work at Bamenda Main Market

Bulldozing begins at the Bamenda Main Market 

The construction and engineering company Edge has started the reconstruction of the Bamenda Main Market.

The contract worth some 6 Billion Francs CFA has been divided into four lots. 

The awarding of the contract to Edge means therefore that the city Mayor of Bamenda, Achobong Tambeng Paul has walked the talk of ensuring that the Bamenda main market becomes an ultramodern one.

This became possible after City councillors of the Bamenda City council, voted a deliberation to obtain a loan from the council support fund for mutual assistance, FEICOM to the tune of 6 Billion Francs.

After the deliberation was passed, Bamenda City Mayor said;"The proposal consists of a two-floor storey building, an access in and out from the four ends of the market, providing water from a borehole and a modern electricity system." The city Mayor said.

In an earlier chat with The Observer, Paul Achobong hinted that the entire market will be demolished and a modern market constructed. This will also house financial and insurance companies. 

It should be recalled that some 300 shops were completely burnt down due to a fire incident that occurred on the 22nd February 2024. 

The fire spread swiftly because of difficult access to the market, linking aluminum roofing sheets and difficulties in moving across the market.

Bamenda City Mayor, Paul Achobong 

The new market promised will see all these problems addressed.

The city councillors voted to have the current market demolished and an ultramodern market constructed.

Mezam Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh, saluted the prompt action of the city councillors.

The SDO is at the head of the assessment commission to compensate the traders who had their shops burnt down in the inferno.

Another deliberation voted by the city councillors is the building of a proximity stadium at the Bamenda parcours Vita.

This will cost the Bamenda City council a little below one billion Francs CFA.

The Bamenda City council will be carrying out this project at a time when Bamenda is in dire need of a modern playground. Reports say the space to serve as the playground has been excavated.


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