Bafut Council validates 2023 Accounts, votes for free civil status documents

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence chairing the Administrative and Management accounts of Bafut Council

Councillors of the Bafut council by a vote of 25 councillors have validated the 2023 Administrative and Management accounts.

Budgeted at a little over one billion Francs, the council management realized 48% of the budget.

Quizzed as to the low budget realization, the Mayor explained that it is still very difficult to collect global tax in the Municipality though measures have been taken to improve the situation this year. 

"We have had a discussion with the administration of Mezam and together with the DO, we are poised to collecting the taxes this year." The Mayor said.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence talking to the press

Despite the difficult moments, the council was able to construct bridges, classrooms, open farm to market roads, construction of solar-powered boreholes and many others.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence used the session to call on the councillors to work hand-in-hand with the local population for the realization of council and community projects.

The councillors also voted to comply with prescriptions from the office of the Public Independent Conciliator.

Partial view of the deliberative organ of Bafut

Here, a previous deliberation fixing some amounts of monies to be paid before the establishment of civil status registration documents were repealed.

"A tree was fixed to be paid for during the establishment of birth certificates. Thanks to the several sessions we have had with the staff of the PIC, we had no other choice than to respect the law. And since this amount was fixed by a deliberation, it will be prudent to let the councillors take another deliberation in conformity with the law."

The deliberations that took place Friday 22nd March 2024 also saw the distribution of improved maize seeds to the councillors and all those who turned out.

The Mayor remarked that he is working hard to ensure that the subdivision gets better yields this year. A ceremony to distribute more improved seedlings has been envisaged.

Fokou Andelys, DO of Bafut 

Sitting in for the SDO of Mezam, the DO of Bafut Fokou Andelys saluted the councillors for the interactive session and challenged them to work as one man with a common vision.


Abimnui Elizabeth

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