NW CPDM senators lament over recent tragic happenings in region

Female Senators of the North West

The CPDM Senators of the North West region have expressed their sympathy to the victims of the 22nd February inferno at the Bamenda Main market.

In a communique published on Friday 23rd February 2024, the Sentors said;

"The devastating fire incident of Thursday February 22, 2024 at the Bamenda main market that consumed several shops with enormous loss of property and merchandise, in this shocking circumstance, we seize this opportunity to retirerate our indignation. We present our sympathy to all those who lost their property."

"We express our sympathy and concern to all those affected. we appeal to the administrative authorities to expedite the investigation process."

The fire incident consumed some 300 shops and the material damage amounts to atleast a billion francs CFA, about 30 persons were hospitalized and are currently out of shock and the remainder of the market has remained close.

Senator Kobenge Bomeh

A commission to probe into the situation, to ascertain what went wrong and measures to address the situation is in gestation as announced by Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique.

"We will form a commission to know what let to the fire, those who were affected by the fire and the level of damages incurred by the fire." Governor Lele Lafrique told the Press.

North West CPDM Senators also condemned the February 11th attack on innocent children in Nkambe. Some five young persons are currently hospitalized under a critical condition at the Bamenda Regional Hospital meanwhile a baby girl was reported dead after the detonation of the improvised Explosive Device.

Senator Enwe Francis with a CPDM muffler

Also, the burning of heavy duty equipment in Ndu, the burning of six trucks in Bafut and the rampant kidnappings and killings in the regions have been greatly condemned.

Remains of the Bamenda main market

Owners of the trucks in Bafut lashed out to God, asking why he permitted their trucks to be burnt by supposed liberators with a motive of not paying a "liberation tax." A total of more than 200 Million was wasted in the flames.

The incident in Bafut, Ndu and Nkambe has triggered the Senators to call on those in possession of arms to down them and embrace the DDR.

North West Governor breathes hope

Finally, the CPDM North West Senators called on all and sundry to accelerate the peaceful resolution of the crisis.

The recent incidence in the North West region has brought untold damage to the population, causing immeasurable material damages that one can only question the raison d'etre of the current crisis plaguing the North West and South West Regions.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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