Prof Fru Angwafo III Gifts Bamenda DDR Centre

The President of the North West Regional Assembly, Prof Fru Angwafo III has handed new year gifts to the ex-combattants of the Bamenda disarmament, Demobilisation and reintegration centre.

The donation exercise Wednesday 3rd January 2024 was the first since the centre moved to its permanent site at Mile 8 Mankon.

Speaking as he welcomed the dignitaries, the Regional Coordinator of the DDR, Kum Henry Ichu, called on the assembly to use the ex-combattants in the realization of the peace and development initiative currently taking place in the region using the High labour intensive approach.

He also called on the President to help the centre by harnessing its agricultural potentials. 

"We have vast arable land around the centre which will be good for agriculture. We will need farm inputs so we can contribute our quarter in making the region food self-sufficient." Kum Henry told the Press.

Some of the fighters have undergone psychosocial support and are now fully ready to be reintegrated as the centre does a vocational training that if properly harnessed can contribute its quarter to the economy of the region.

Prof Fru Angwafo (L), NWGO SG (M),Kum Henry in white

Speaking to the ex-fighters, Prof Fru Angwafo III congratulated them for heeding to the Head of state's call to down their weapons and embrace peace.

"You people are leaders in your own right. You heard the call from the Head of state to drop your weapons and work for a return to peace. I know you still have the contacts of your friends you left in the bushes. Call them to also adhere to the advice from the President of the Republic and let's build a stronger North West Region."

In response to the plea from the Regional Coordinator, Prof Fru Angwafo III said he will accompany the centre in realizing its objects and also the objectives of the assembly which is participatory development.

The Bamenda DDR Centre currently counts some 442 ex-combatants and moved to their permanent site on the 14th July 2023.

The Regional Assembly President donated bags of rice, flour, potatoes, meat, oil amongst others were donated to the centre.

The Bamenda DDR Centre has a capacity to take more than 1500 ex-fighters.

The senior perfect of the centre saluted the initiative of the President and like Oliver twist, requested that his visit to the centre occurs on a regular basis.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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