Infrastructural development at the heart of Camtel 25th anniversary celebrations

Cross section of participants

The General Manager of Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL has officially opened the Digital infrastructure day.

The day which fall in line with activities to mark the 25th anniversary of CAMTEL took place under the theme: "Development and Governance of Digital Infrastructures in the Context of the National Development Strategy 2030, Challenges and prospects."

The CAMTEL infrastructure Day seeks to set the place of  telecommunications as a driver of industrialisation in Cameroon. This day explores the use of ICT by the public administration which till now remains insufficient.

Judith Yah Sunday, GM of CAMTEL

Experts in the Digital Economy say that to effectively develop the Digital economy in Cameroon, broadband electronic communications infrastructure and IT should be developed. 

"In the field of Digital economy,  SND 30 focused on the first pillar concerning the development of electronic communications infrastructure. Cameroon therefore plans to reconfigure the national Digital ecosystem, in particular through the restructuring of the sector by creating a digital infrastructure heritage company; to build the substantial Digital infrastructure and generally secure the networks." The GM highlighted.

Cameroon therefore plans to reconfigure the national Digital ecosystem through the creation of a digital infrastructure heritage company.

Judith Yah Sunday remarked that "CAMTEL is considering the upcoming creation of digital parks and technopoles with a view of developing the production of digital content; to increase and diversify digital uses and services and finally to develop the manufacturing and assembly of digital parts and services.

Cameroon 2030 sustainable goals aims at facilitating access to ICT for as many people as possible by ensuring an efficient and secure digital parts and devices.

This will facilitate access to  ICT for as many people as possible by ensuring an efficient and secure digital space.

The New Mission and Vision of CAMTEL

Since the appointment of Judith Yah Sunday Epse Achidi, CAMTEL has redeveloped its efforts to place customers at the centre of their operations. 

This has led to the construction of a 12,000 KM of optical fibre. This falls squarely with the development strategy as CAMTEL plans to connect households and businesses to the already installed optical fibre.

The company also wants to extend its geographical coverage, improve the quality of internet services and the offer of new and more attractive products.

CAMTEL predicts that the telecommunications sector should experience a growth of 6.4% in 2030.

The CAMTEL Digital infrastructure Day took place at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel, Tuesday 16th January 2024.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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