Bafut Subdivision: Chiefs of Alom Valley, Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence Synergizes for Development

The Chiefs and Elite of Alom Valley in Bafut subdivision have expressed their unwavering love, support and best wishes to Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence for the new year.

In a letter dated 8th January 2024, the Chiefs and Elite led by Ntumfor Mejang Vincent greeted the several innovative projects realized and ongoing in Alom Valley since the election of Mayor Ngwakongoh. A section of the letter reads.

"We are grateful for the confidence and loyalty you manifested towards the people of Bafut subdivision and Alom Valley in particular. We hope that with the innovations on course to serve our people better, we shall appreciate and be more and more satisfied each time we visit you." The letter reads.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence of Bafut

In mid 2023, the chiefs of Alom Valley paid a surprise visit to Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence, expressing their unwavering appreciation for all he has done to bring development closer to them.

Conspicuous amongst them was the rehabilitation of schools, the creation of a market at Mile 30, the provision of access roads to their various places and the opening of farm-to-market roads.

Since their visit, a medicalized health center has been constructed, and the construction of six classrooms are underway with boreholes that will be powered by solar under the Presidential plan for reconstruction and development of the North West and South West Regions.

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence was overwhelmed with the New Year message from Alom Valley and has taken a strong commitment to improve the lives and livelihood of the people in the valley.

Chiefs of Alom Valley on a surprise trip to Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence on the 12th July 2023

With the Chiefs and Elite taking a strong commitment to be law abiding, respect state institutions and advocate for peace, the Mayor says these are strong indicators of a people who want development at all cost.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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