Ngoketunjia Gendarmerie: Authorities salute Captain Bakary charges Lieutenant Nyam to continue

Installation of Lieutenant Nyam Joseph Serge Florent as Company Commander for Ngoketunjia 

The Administrative, municipal and religious elite of Ngoketunjia have saluted the selfless service of Captain Bakary Hamadou.

They expressed words of gratitude to the outgoing Ngoketunjia Gendarmerie boss Thursday October 5,  during the installation of the new company commander.

Captain Bakary Hamadou, outgoing company commander for Ngoketunjia

Captain Bakary Hamadou served in Ngoketunjia for two years as company commander and many who turned out to wish him goodbye were categorical that he led several successful missions, aimed at restoring normalcy in a Division largely known as a red zone.

"He is noted for undertaking missions which others see as impossible. He was a selfless man who sacrificed his comfort for the general good." The Mayor of Ndop, Ntoh Daniel told The Observer.

"Ndop is what it is today because of the indomitable Captain Bakary. Your actions speak louder than words. The traceable footprints you're leaving in Ndop are written on the wall for all to see." Mayor Ntoh continued.

Colonel Boum saluting the Exceptional works of Captain Bakary 

Known in the military ranks as double terror of terrorist, the legion Commander for the North West, Colonel Boum Bissoue Raymond saluted the remarkable achievements registered under the tenure of Captain Bakary Hamadou.

"He is leaving an environment with a better security situation than he met it. The reducing number of figters in the three subdivisions of Ngoketunjia is testimony of the work he has done here.

"His loyalty and availability makes him an officer to be cited as an example." Colonel Boum said.

In recognition of his efforts to bring back normalcy in Ndop and for unmatched courage, Colonel Boum Bissoue handed a testimonial to the outgoing company commander. He called on him to dispatch his assignment with same rigour and availability like he did in Ndop.

In appreciation of his good works, the Muslim community answered present to pray with the outgoing captain, wishing Allah's abundant blessings and favour on him.

Captain Bakary Hamadou has thus concluded his stay in the North West Region that saw him combat armed separatists in Tubah subdivision and Ngoketunjia Division. Echoes are rife on how he stopped several fighters who wanted to cripple the University of Bamenda during the early stages of the crisis.

Last September 4th 2023, Captain Bakary was appointed as the New company commander of Edea, Sanaga Maritime Division of the Littoral Region.

The stage is set for Lieutenant Nyam Joseph Serge Florent

Captain Bakary Hamadou is succeeded by Lieutenant Florent Serge Nyam.

Lieutenant Nyam Joseph Serge Florent, incoming Company Commander of Ngoketunjia 

The experienced gendarme was admitted into the National Gendarmerie in the year 2000. He later graduated in 2001 and has since had a remarkable career. 

He has worked in areas such as Ekondo-Titi in the South West, he has fought against banditry in the Littoral and Adamawa regions.

Born on the 5th June 1980, Lieutenant Nyam Joseph Serge was called upon to master the human resources placed at his disposal and maintain a constant relationship with the population that is becoming more and more collaborative.

While installing him into his functions,  North West Legion Commander, Colonel Boum Bissoue Raymond tasked him to end extortion on the population and ensure that the current security climate is sustained and improved before the end of year festivities.

Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in January 2022, Lt Nyam Joseph Serge Florent has pledged to work in full collaboration with the active forces of the Division to improve on the marvelous work done by his predecessor.

Ngoketunjia SDO, Quetong Henderson 

Ngoketunjia SDO, Quetong Henderson used the installation to challenge the new Gendarmerie officer to not only make Ndop safe but also Babessi and Balikumbat subdivisions, considered as red zones.


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