Senator Prof Nebah Ndosiri Bridgette' Academic Excellency Award rewards 53 students, 250 pupils

Senator Mrs Nebah Ndosiri handing scholarship to beneficiary

The Senator of the North West constituency, Prof Mrs Nebah Bridgette Ndosiri Ndoye has handed over scholarships to some 53 students who excelled at the June 2023 session of the General Certificate of Education, GCE exams.

Senator Nebah Bridgette handed the scholarships to the students after a meticulous exercise to reward just the best.

Piloted by the first Deputy Mayor of the Bamenda I Council, Mrs Ndumu, the students submitted their results slip as a testament to be beneficiaries of the scholarships.

53 students who excelled in both the GCE Ordinary and Advanced levels and more than 250 pupils who excelled at the First School Leaving Certificate Examination, received cash prizes and didactic materials.

The Senator Prof Nebah Ndosiri Academic Excellency Award committee has pledged to follow up the students going forward to ensure that such academic brilliance is maintained.

To the Senator; "we must ensure that we follow up these students and empower them. In the next three years they will be true ambassadors of quality education in the North West region."

The total envelope of four million francs handed to beneficiaries is "a reward for hardwork and promoting academic excellence in young persons" the Senator noted.

All the beneficiaries are girls. Quizzed why only girls, Senator Nebah noted that "yesterday, parents only thought women were good for the kitchen. I had to work extra hard to go to school and outshine my peers. I want to be an inspiration to these young girls. I want them to look up to me and study for a bright future amidst the various distractions on their path.

"Like I said, this is the first edition. We are not ending at giving scholarships but we will follow up the students to actually see how they're performing in their various schools. We must be intentional when empowering the next set of female leaders." Senator Nebah Bridgette told the Observer.

The 23 students who excelled at the GCE Ordinary Level and the 30 in the Advanced level did a bunch of their education within the 7-year old Anglophone crisis.

Senator Nebah Ndosiri saluted them, their parents and guidants for putting in exceptional efforts, not relenting in the education of their children. Children, she congratulated for being in classroom despite the difficulties and challenges.

Mezam SDO hands scholarship

The scholarship ranged from 25.000, 30.000, 40,000 and 50,000 francs per student.

The move by Senator Nebah Bridgette Ndosiri Ndoye was saluted by the Mayor of Bamenda I council, Mbigha Njah Felix.

Mayor Mbigha was pleased that there is an extra push to the back-to-school crusade in the subdivision. He announced that schools are being cleaned, ready to start come Monday November 4th.

"We are currently working to ensure that classrooms and the school compound is clean when the children get back to school. The council has made some 330 new benches that will be distributed to schools to ease the sitting arrangements and decongest classrooms.

Beneficiaries pose for a picture with the Senator and other dignitaries 

The handing over of the academic excellence scholarship falls squarely in line with the campaign promises of the erudite Professor, who promised to work very hard to empower the youth especially the girl child to attain their objectives.

One of the beneficiaries, Amabo Patience, on honours roll from GTHS Bamendakwe is emphatic that the scholarship will help prepare her for university.

"I want to express my gratitude to the Senator for what I have received. I received the sum of 40,000 Frs, after emerging over all 8th in the Advance Level Technical. I want to thank our senator because she is a mother who wants to promote education, because education is the key that opens any door.

"This donation is going to go a long way to facilitate my entry into the University." Amabo said

Bamenda I Mayor, Mbigha Felix

Senator Mrs Nebah received a push from the President of the North West Regional Assembly, Prof Fru Angwafo III who also donated to some school going children and the administration of the North West led by the inspector General of services at the North West Governor's office.

She extended the back-to-school campaign to students from Bui, Donga Mantung Division and Manyu in the South West Region with the view that education is good for all no matter their place of residence.

Senator Mrs Nebah Bridgette Ndosiri Ndoye was elected senator on March 12th, 2023, becoming the first woman elected to be in the Senate from Mezam.


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