Hon Agho Oliver supports Development Projects in Bafut, Tubah

Hon Agho Oliver Decorated by the Fondom of Bambui

The Honourable Member of Parliament for Bafut Tubah constituency, Agho Oliver has supported the construction of a water catchment in Njibujang Bafut to the tune of 500,000 Francs.

Njibujang, a locality in upper Bafut on the Bamenda-Wum road is a host to several streams but there is an acute shortage of portable water.

To ensure that the population drinks water from good sources, the MP was supported in the fund-raising by the Commissioner for Economic Development at the North West Regional Assembly, Ghejung Awunti, who donated 200,000 Francs. 

At fund-raising in Njibujang 

They used the occasion to encourage the parents to send their children to school come September 4th. Hon Agho Oliver also encouraged them to be law abiding citizens and continually work for the return to peace and normalcy in the subdivision.

Ngwabumba Pascal National President of NJIBCUDA expressed sincere thanks to the MP and called on to continue mobilizing resources for the realisation of the project and other projects in Njibujang.

Saturday August 12th was a busy day for the Member of Parliament who stopped over at the Bambui Fon's Palace for yet another fund-raising.

The Bambui Women Cultural and Development Association were raising funds to construct a Women Empowerment Centre.

Bambui Women 

Hon Agho Oliver supported the fund-raising with the sum of 500,000 Francs.

Impressed by the gesture from the MP towards his Fondom, the Fon of Bambui enumerated the wonderful things that sons and daughters of his village have benefitted from Member of Parliament.

The reception of over 2000 roofing sheets were handed to those whose houses were razed, scholarships handed to pupils and students to improve the scholarisation of the sons and daughters of the village, didactic materials given to children at the dawn of the academic year and most recently, the provision of soap to people who turned out to clean the office of the Divisional officer were considered as hilarious and outstanding.

His Majesty Fon Angafor Moo-Bo III and the Ngwifoin decided to decorate the MP as the "mNtum-for" of Bambui.

At the pronouncement of the title, the villagers were visibly satisfied and called on the MP to continue on the good path he has taken.

Hon Agho Oliver pledged not to relent in his effort to make Bambui, Chief town of Tubah, a place to be.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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