For Promoting Excellence: Minister Fame Ndongo Salutes HIBMAT University Founder

Prof Fame Ndongo and Dr Jude Chilaka

The Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, and Chancellor of Academic Orders, Prof Jacques Fames Ndongo, has saluted the exploits of the founder and promoter of the HIBMAT University Institute Buea, HUIB, Dr Jude Chilaka, in making real President Paul Biya’s higher education vision.

Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo made the remarks Friday, July 7, 2023. This was during an audience the Minister of State granted the distinguished higher education promoter in Yaounde.

The meeting provided an opportunity for both personalities to exchange notes on the future of Higher Education in Cameroon.

Dr Chilaka used the audience to unveil his new vision for HUIB to the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education. Fame Ndongo saluted him for being a key player in training professionals that meet the needs of the job market.

The HUIB, founder thanked the Minister of State for his regular support, and words of encouragement, which he said, have been inspiring and counsel which he said, has been used to transform the institution.

He showed gratitude to the Minister for always dispatching the Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education, Prof Wilfred Gabsa, to represent him at HUIB’s convocation ceremonies, and other occasions like the laying of the foundation stone of HUIB’s third Campus in Buea in 2021.

He equally assured the Minister of State that the project is still ongoing and will be completed in no distant time. On his recent academic attainment of a Doctorate/ PhD in Business Administration and change in academic and professional status, Prof Fame Ndongo congratulated the erudite scholar, Dr. Jude Chilaka, for trailblazing with distinction. Minister Fame Ndongo urged him to continue pursuing excellence.

Dr Chilaka, a visionary, erudite scholar

Born in Tiko Fako  Division of the  South West  Region,  Dr Chilaka, did secondary and high school studies at  Christ The King College, CKC, Tiko and St. Joseph College Sasse.

He is a trained Accountant with the Professional Certified Accounting Association. He obtained a Masters in Business Administration, MBA in both Financial Management and Marketing. He holds a PhD in Business Administration with specialty in Human Resource Management.

Observers say and rightly so that, he  is an outstanding and illustrious servant leader to be emulated by the young generation.

Dr Chilaka is an entrepreneurial juggernaut. He is a young man but, unlike most of his peers, he is highly talented with great insight and foresight. He has all the necessary intellectual baggage- the MBAs, the ACCAs, you name them and of course DBA. He had no difficulty finding lucrative employment in reputable firms.

 But, he abandoned everything to pursue his dream of helping youth. This is because like all genuine intellectuals, he has a deep yearning for a better world. He knows that our world could be freer, healthier, more humane, and more prosperous. He is conscious of the fact that challenges such as violence, starvation, sickness and environmental degradation.

Thus, in order to contribute towards resolving the many unsolved problems and unfulfilled dreams in our country, he took the bold step of becoming a servant leader. That is, a key to that better world.


                HIBMAT Vision

He started the Higher Institute of Business Management and Technology (HIBMAT) in 2010. And, within the relatively short period of 12 years, he transformed it into the HIBMAT University Institute of Buea and Douala (HUIB) with three campuses in Buea and a fast growing campus in Douala.

Thanks to the astute leadership of this great and dynamic servant leader, HUIB is one of the fastest growing Private Higher Education Institution in the country among the best. It is rated by  the Ministry of  Higher  Education as the second best nationwide. This follows results of the Higher National  Diploma, HND.

HIBMAT is highly respected all over Cameroon and abroad for its high quest for excellence, quality assurance and thorough training. All these in spite of the ravages of the internecine socio-political crisis that has been rocking the North West and South West regions.

Thanks to the audacity, altruism, courage and temerity of this illustrious servant leader, thousands of young Cameroonians have acquired the necessary expertise and experience to meet the present and future development challenges of our country Cameroon and of a globally competitive world.

Products of HUIB are doing extremely well all over the globe, serving in different capacities in various establishments as professionals. The performance  of the students has been the source of inspiration and motivation to the Founder/CEO of HUIB, Dr Jude Chilaka to keep breaking new grounds


Kah Patience

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