Commentary on the mid term Mandate of the Regional Assembly

Distribution of medical equipment to the 20 health districts 

Members of the North West Regional Assembly have spent half of their five years mandate serving the population of the North West Region.

Elected into office on the 6th of December 2020 and installed on the 22nd January 2021, the North West Regional Assembly has been working within the framework of the law to better the lives of the denizens of the North West.

In total, six Ministerial departments have devolved their powers to the region. 

It is under these decentralised powers that the assembly has effectively carried out works in their 30 months in office. 

Grouped under four programs, four has been on improving the provision of basic social services, promotion of Economic Activities and environmental protection of the region, promotion of citizenship, culture, sports and youth support and the promotion of local administration.

In 2021, the Assembly was able to carryout feasibility studies for the rehabilitation of destroyed health facilities in the North West region. This culminated with the rehabilitation of district hospitals in 2022.

The Ako District hospital, the Batibo district hospital, were all rehabilitated.

All 20 health districts of the North West Region received medical equipment and supplies from Medshare through the regional assembly in 2021 and 2022.

This greatly improved the quality of health care delivery in the region. Testimonies from the Destrict medical officers are abound.

Still in the health domain, the assembly carried out two feasibility studies in 2022. One to construct and equip the mortuaries in the District hospitals of Nwa and Oku and the other for the creation of the Bamenda Rehabilitation center. 

Studies that have been effectively realised with the construction of the Bamenda Emergency center in 2023 and the rehabilitation and extension of the Oku and Nwa district hospitals.

The Assembly has also constructed the emergency centre of the Regional Hospital Annex in Nkambe and supported the Bamenda Regional Hospital to fight against Hepatitis B.

These efforts to put smiles on the faces of the common man was further enhanced when a strategic partnership between the Assembly and Smile Train was signed.

This strategic partnership places the assembly on the fore in the fight against cleft lip in the region with a pilot Centre at the Mbingo Baptist hospital.

In Education, a sector hardly hit by the current socio-political crisis facing the North West, the people's Assembly have taken giant steps in ensuring that students learn in a convenient environment.

After carrying out a feasibility study in 2021 on the destroyed classrooms in various secondary and high schools in the seven Divisions of the North West, the assembly proceeded in 2022 to effectively carryout works.

A two classroom block was constructed in GTHS Fundong meanwhile GHS Elak Oku, GHS Kiyan, GHS Sabongari,GTHS Benakuma, GHS Wum were rehabilitated.

CCAST Bambili benefitted from a two classroom block with a four compartment toilet. In Mbengwi, GTTTC was rehabilitated same with GTTC Ndop.

To ensure that students sit comfortably, the Assembly supplied benches to GTTTC Mbengwi, GTTC Ndop, CCAST Bambili and GBHS Down Town.

As normalcy returns to most areas of the North West and the number of students attending school are increasing, the North West Regional Assembly has carried out its assignment to the latter.

805 students were registered for end of course exams. Largely so because students have been internally displaced and cannot afford the cost meanwhile at GBHS Fundong, 10 classrooms were rehabilitated.

To encourage technical and vocational education, an auto mechanic workshop has been constructed at GTHS Fundong meanwhile an electric workshop goes to GTHS Mbengwi and a plumbing workshop to GTHS Wum.

The vocational centres, SAR/SM will be rehabilitated in the seven Divisions of the North West Region. 

Three science laboratories will be constructed in different phases beginning 2023 in GBHS Bamendakwe, GBHS Ndop and GBHS Kumbo.

On the Economic front, a feasibility study for the construction of the North West Regional Assembly Lodge House was concluded in 2021 together with the Administrative building of the Assembly.

Feasibility studies whose works are currently ongoing at the various project sites in Bamenda.

Feasibility studies have been concluded on the conception of the North West Development Fund, NOWEDIF and the dry port meanwhile the Regional Development plan was been drawn up in 2021.

Tree planting has started in Babessi, Ngoketunjia Division and in 2023, will continue in some sacred forests of the North region.

The youth will be Empowered through training as health care practitioners and sanitary officers.

Noting that where a road passes, development follows, the North West Regional Assembly will maintain the earth road from Nsop-Nwa-Yang-Nigeria border, from Misaje-Sabongida-Nigeria border and from Funding to Weh in 2023. This will add up to the retaining wall constructed on the Bambui- Fundong road.

To effectively develop the North West region, rooted in its culture and heritage, some palaces will be rehabilitated while others will be extended.

The Lakabum palace, Mbiame, Ntem, Zongekwo, Waido, Nkwen, Anong, Batibo, Bangolan palaces will be rehabilitated in 2023 in addition to the Sarki's palace at old town in Bamenda and the construction of a security fence round the palace of Bamunkumbit.

These rehabilitations in 2023 will add up to the refurbishment of the Mankon palace museum, construction of a VIP toilet block in Belo, construction of the Queens residential quarter in Nwa and the rehabilitation of the Barakwe palace in 2022.

In ensuring that there is social cohesion in the society, the Regional Assembly supported sports and cultural activities.

The assembly supported North West athletes that excelled at the Mount Cameroon race of hope in 2023. 

In 2022, the Assembly contributed towards the preparation of the Cup of Cameroon with PWD of Bamenda and their participation at the CAF Confederation's Cup and also supported Hilltop Strikers at the National playoffs.

To support associations, basic needs were supplied to some orphanages in the seven Divisions of the North West meanwhile an NGO, CEMASUD received a support to improve nutrition and household income for 105 IDPs through sustainable market gardening initiative in Mezam Division in 2022.

To ease Administration and Governance, the assembly purchased eight administrative vehicles to ease the movement of elected officials and staff to the field and back.

Still in 2022, a Front-end loader, a heavy duty tipper were bought to aid in road construction.

In the administrative building, computers and accessories were bought in 2021 and 2022, purchase of two silent standby generators.

In addition to holding 10 sessions of the North West Regional Assembly, the Members of the North West Regional Executive Council have undertaken a mission to give the North West a facelift, accelerate its development and showcase its identity to the rest of the world.

The assembly half-way gone into its first mandate is setting standards in community development through the empowerment of the youth with the High labour intensive Approach, HILA.

This will see many young people carry out projects with manual labour and get paid through a mico-finance.

This level of participatory development will help build solidarity in the Northwestener to look at each other as one.

U na mi, mi na U, wi bi wi

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