Camtel Strengthens Partnership With SUDACHAD

Judith Yah Sunday of CAMTEL and Khalid Mohamed of SUDACHAD

The sky is Blue between Camtel and SUDACHAD as officials of the two companies have pledged to reinforce their cooperation in order to grow their telecommunications portfolio.

They took the commitment on July 27, 2023 at the end of a three day working visit of officials of SUDACHAD Telecoms to Camtel.

From July 25-28, officials of CAMTEL and SUDACHAD had broad-based discussions to strengthen the historic bilateral partnership that links the two telecommunications giants in the Central African sub region.

To the General Manager of Camtel, Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi, the three-day intense working visit is testament of the determination of the two telecommunications company to strengthen their partnership.

“We have once more established a landmark in our relationship through the rich discussions which will no doubt stay as we go forward. We have examined many aspects of our relationship and made strong recommendations on how we can grow the business between our two companies together,” Judith Yah Sunday epse ACHIDI said.

She added they are looking forward to implement all the recommendations taken at the end of the working visit.

“Areas of further collaboration have also been the topic of discussions like the possibility of extending Camtel’s network and presence into Chad via SUDACHAD’s infrastructure. We also discussed progress on the WE-Africana project amid the current challenges in the region and we remain committed to its success as we strongly believe this is a game changer. Camtel will continue to work on improving the quality of services provided to its clients and SUDACHAD is not an option in this our effort,” the General Manager of Camtel added.

Director General of SUDACHAD, Khalid Mohamed 

With this new step taken to strengthen the relation between Camtel and SUDACHAD, working groups from the two companies will further reflections on new opportunities that will contribute in the growth of the two structures. 

Thus, the General Manager of SUDACHAD, KHALID Mohamed El Hassan thanked Camtel for opening its doors for this great and prosperous collaboration.

“We came here thinking just to be a partner but now we feel like a family. We are working together as one unit and together we can grow,” he said.
It should be noted that SUDACHAD’s visit to Camtel was aimed at examining the prospects of increasing their internet offer to 30Gbits. 

The Commercial Director of the Chadian operator thus justified this request through a graphic presentation which traces the history of the agreements signed between the two companies and the increasingly growing demand from its customers. SUDACHAD aims to extend its connection from East to West throughout the territory. It will therefore be necessary to have an active transmission system capacity offering the possibility of supporting all kinds of services requested locally or globally.

Strengthening its internet offer and its capacities is therefore an essential prerequisite for achieving this objective. Hence they extended a hand to Camtel, whose fruitful partnership has continued to prove itself over time.

It should be recalled CAMTEL and SUDACHAD first met in Douala on February 3, 2020 with the aim of building a solid commercial relationship between the two telecom operators. This fruitful meeting at its time, resulted in the signing of the first capacity purchase agreement at CAMTEL by the Chadian operator. During these discussions, it was also agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding to create a strategic partnership as soon as possible.

SUDACHAD obtained the concession to manage, operate and maintain the fibre assets of the Chadian government for 20 years. Its current infrastructure consists of more than 12,000 km of optical fiber between N'djamena and Elgianna on the border with Sudan.

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