Minister Felix Mbayu, Elite open scheme to support PWD Bamenda

PWD Bamenda

The Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu has through an initiative to support Team PWD of Bamenda, raise 18.1 million in less 24 hours.

Minister Mbayu through a note appreciates all those who contributed for the team when they lost their bus to a fire and also during their maiden Cameroon cup triumph.

His note is emphatic that the generosity of all and sundry is what has kept PWD of Bamenda alive and fighting for trophies.

When he launched the bus project, the contributions were overwhelming and PWD off Bamenda today rides in an ultra modern customized bus that is the pride of the region.

Minister Mbayu and other North West Elite mobilized more than 1000 supporters to support the team at its first Cameroon cup triumph in 2022 against Astre of Douala.

Minister Felix Mbayu, leader of the scheme

Despite the very difficult season that the team had in the Elite one Championship this season, the team had an emphatic run in the Cup of Cameroon and offloaded Stade Banjoun in the semi-final to book a date with Fovu of Baham.

Regarded as the people's team, Minister Mbayu and other Elites of the region and beyond are bound to make PWD achieve an unprecedented feat, winning two Cameroon cups in three years.

The fundraising scheme has just started, without a definite date of ending. It is believe that many more persons will get on the list as the mobilisation is gradually picking scheme.

Conspicuous on the list is Ministers Atanga Nji, Mbayu Felix, Fuh Calistus, Paul Tasong.


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