Mezam Peace and Development Initiative: Youth to be Empowered through HILA approach

Ghejunf Awunti, Commissioner for Economic Development 

Hon. Ghejung Awunti, Commissioner for Economic Development at the Regional Assembly who doubles as Coordinator of the Mezam Peace and Development Initiative has announced that the (High Intensive Labour Approach) HILA shall be used in project realization in all seven subdivisions of Mezam to ensure inclusiveness and eventual sustainable development. 

He made the declaration while championing activities of the Mezam Peace and Development Initiative that spanned from Wednesday April 26 to Friday April 28, 2023.  

The HILA approach shall be used to execute projects in all seven subdivisions of Mezam (Bamenda I, II & III, Santa, Bafut, Tubah, Bali). Youth of these communities will be involved in all developmental projects, labour force, and technical knowhow will be provided by locals to ensure that the income gotten, continues to circulate in these areas and in turn boost their economy. 

“We will proceed with HILA activities in all of our seven subdivisions. We focus here on jobs and opportunities for our youth…we will continue in the same spirit engaging our youth to take care of our communities.” Hon. Ghejung Awunti explained.  

The Mezam Peace and Development Initiative was launched Wednesday April 26, 2023 with a peace walk from mile One junction to the governor’s office, championed by paramount fon of Mankon, Nkwen and Bamendakwe and a football encounter. It proceeded with a two day seminar with community leaders and actors, brainstorming on a way forward towards achieving long lasting peace and eventual sustainable development. 


Mezam Peace and Development Initiative of the North West Regional Assembly championed by its President Prof. Fru Angwafor Ill has been launched in six of the seven divisions of the region and Mezam was the seventh.  This is towards achieving long lasting peace, return of normalcy  and sustainable development. 


Anye Nde Nsoh

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