International Labour Day: CAMTEL Counts Achievements, Strives For More

Judith Yah Sunday clapping at the strides CAMTEL have attained in recent times

It was tradition renewed at the Club CAMTEL in Yaounde on May 1 as workers of the incumbent telecommunications operator gathered for a reception offered them by the General Manager of the corporation, Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi on the occasion of the 137 edition of the International Labour Day.

Celebrated under the theme "resilience and decent work: acting together in   the    world of work, to    improve    working conditions and social inclusion", this year’s edition presented an opportunity for the General Manager of CAMTEL to commune with her staff for the first time since 2020 due to the outbreak of the COVID-19.

To that effect, the General Manager of CAMTEL thanked her staff for coming out massively to take part in celebrations which were two fold; the march past at the May 20 Boulevard and the reception later in the day.
Looking at this year’s theme, Judith Yah Sunday said it falls in line with the short, medium and long-term objectives of her company geared towards the well-being of its workers.

              Huge Strides

It was thus an opportunity for her to review strides made by CAMTEL and also project into the future. On the economic and financial scale, CAMTEL was classified at the top of Category I enterprises by the Ministry of Finance and the National Institute of Statistics.

Other achievements include the launching of  local roaming  services on December 14, 2022 which has helped to extend the BLUE network to several localities that were not covered. The conservation of the ISO 9001/2015 certification in the domain of transport is also a huge stride which demonstrates CAMTEL’s efforts to increase its capacities to satisfy customers, the General Manager said.

The recent signing of a partnership with the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT, to sponsor corporate and veteran football has equally reaffirmed CAMTEL’s position as a leading supporter and partner of the sports movement in Cameroon.

       Not Resting On Laurels

For all these inexhaustible achievements, she praised the staff for making it possible through their daily efforts.

“I would like to congratulate each employee for the resilience and the efforts made on a daily basis to preserve the brand image of CAMTEL, its place of choice among renowned Cameroonian companies and the maintenance of its position as a Transformation Leader by 2025 in sub Saharan Africa,” Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi said.

However, she warned against complacency that could creep in if staff continue to rest on their laurels. Given the highly competitive nature of the telecommunications sector, the General Manager of CAMTEL, called on them to remain steadfast despite the challenges.

“It is incumbent on us today more than ever, employer and employees, within the framework of the deployment of our strategic axes "Customer Centricity" and "Change Management", to work in symbiosis to offer the best quality of service to our customers and subscribers,” she stressed.

“This is why, I invite you every day to more and be committed in your respective duty stations so that all the entities of CAMTEL imperatively achieve their objectives in order to meet the needs of consumers and ensure their satisfaction without which we cannot meet our commitments,” she added.

The call was immediately heeded to by the staff of CAMETL, who through their representative thanked the General Manager for reforms aimed at modernising the corporation and enabling better working conditions.

“We appreciate your recent commitment to the holding of monthly statutory meetings between Management and Staff Representatives. This will enable us to effectively relay the feelings and thoughts of staff to you and the various directors,” the staff representative Bathelemy Bodo said while also outlining a number of issues to which the CAMTEL GM promised to look into.

Celebrations rounding off with a buffet and later pictures as it was an opportunity for some CAMTEL members of staff to immortalise the moment with their General Manager.

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