Increase media aid, refurbish Crtv Bamenda- Richard Nde Lajong

Richard Nde Lajong, Publisher of The Herald Tribune 

Celebrating the Herald Tribune’s Excellence Award in Bamenda, the publisher of the English weekly Newspaper, The Herald tribune, Nde Richard Lanjong has tabled an appeal to government via the Minister of Communication to aid media organs in the region. 

During his opening statement, he channeled a strong message to the Government and Minister of Communication represented by the North West regional delegate for communication Njike Celestine that media aid to the press should be increased and the structure hosting the state media in the North West should be refurbished.

“I wish to say to the government through the regional delegate of communication that they should do something for the studios of CRTV Bamenda. 

"There are radio and television stations existing but we are going through very hard times. Let him try to ameliorate the conditions of the press especially the media aid given to the press. It should be increased so as to better productivity.” Nde Richard lamented. 

 Bamenda, capital of the North West region has been plagued by an armed conflict for the last seven years. This has not only dampen the business environment, but the few operating businesses shy from advertising. Many say the current wave of kidnap for random is a deterrent to them advertising their goods and services. This has greatly reduced the income of the media and the survival of journalists in conflict times. 

The Herald Tribune Excellence Award held Saturday April 29, 2023 at Club 58, saw some institutions and persons of different works of life awarded at various levels for their contributions to the growth of the community. 


Anye Nde Nsoh

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