CAMTEL’s Data Centre Gets Thumbs up from Telecomms Regulatory Boss

ART Boss smiles at CAMTEL's Successes

CAMTEL’S Data Centre, has the capacity to be a leading technological hub across the Africa, the Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Board, Philemon Zo’o Zame said.

The boss of the Telecomms Regulatory Board made the remarks on Tuesday, May 30 during a visit to the Data Centre in Zamengoe, Okola Sub Division in the Centre Region.

Received at the Data Centre by the General Manager of CAMTEL, Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi, the Director General of the Telecomms Regulatory Board was taken round the infrastructure to experience CAMTEL’s investment and dedication in supporting the digital economy in Cameroon and beyond.

Prof. Philemon Zo’o  Zame was taken from the server room through to the access management system and surveillance camera.

Giving an overview of the Data Centre, the General Manager of CAMTEL said the infrastructure comes to fill a void and significantly enriches the telecommunications ecosystem in Cameroon and the sub region.

“The Data Centre will boost the development of the digital economy by facilitating the hosting of service platforms, a catalyst that will spark the creative genius of our youths, like startups that now have a local tool ,  that meet   international standards, and is very affordable, secure and more accessible.

The DG of the TRB, gave a thumbs up to CAMTEL for the investment but recommended the company should ensure all the equipment are homologated by the technical partner HUAWEI, in order to ensure they meet the needs of the company and also avoid any vicious or malicious infiltration of the system.

Leaving the Data Centre satisfied, he called on all partners to work together in order to improve service delivery which is the best way to avoid sanctions.

In response, the General Manager of CAMTEL reassured the company is sparing no effort to improve the quality of service within a relatively short period of time as instructed by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications.

About the Data Centre

The landing station in Zamengoe which hosts CAMTEL’s Data Centre was first constructed in 1975. The Data Centre is one of the flagship projects of the second phase of CAMTEL’s National Broadband Network Program (NBN2) carried out in close collaboration with the company’s technical partner Huawei, with the invaluable support of the government.

The architectural gem, constructed on a surface area of 3019m2 is the best and largest Data Centre in the Central African sub region.

With a tier three certification by design, it consists of; a 400 m² server room with a capacity of five (05) cubes or 130 bays; a supervision room with 08 working stations, An automated energy management system of 440 KW of undulated power with 03 transformers of 800 KVA, 04 generators of 1000 KVA and 40,000 litrss of diesel tank, a fire detection and control system and an access management system and surveillance cameras.

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