Bamenda: Two alleged bandits specialised in kidnapping arrested


Nfor Bruno Tabo alias small pepper and Nfor Bernard, aged 17 and 16 years respectively, were arrested by officers of the Bamenda Central Public Security Police Station.  According to Emmanuel Noe Mbock, Commissioner of the Bamenda Central Public Security Police Station, it all started with a complaint lodged by a Bamenda resident after he was abducted by unidentified men at St Paul Junction on April 28.  

"The complainant told us that four individuals approached him at the wheel of his Toyota Yaris car and ordered him to surrender at gunpoint," the Commissioner said.  

He was then blindfolded and taken to a bush where they stripped him of his belongings and pushed him out of his car before taking the vehicle to an unknown location," added Divisional Officer Mbock.  

Following this complaint, the commissioner said he instructed his officers to first trace the telephone seized by the complainant's criminals.  This operation led to the arrest of the first suspect, Nfor Bruno Tabo alias small pepper, aged only 17. After exploitation, the latter confessed and led the elements of the Bamenda Central Police Station to the arrest of the second suspect, Nfor Bernard.  A raid by these men led to the recovery of the vehicle taken by these thugs whose age speaks volumes.  

Nfor Bernard and Nfor Bruno were presented to members of the press last Thursday 18th May 2023 at the police station.  They will be referred to the prosecution for further action. 

Commissioner Mbock added that investigations are still underway to apprehend other members of the gang.  When asked if these young alleged bandits have links with the armed separatists, Commissioner Mbock said, "For the moment it is difficult to establish.  No weapons have been found in their possession, but these young people use toys as weapons to commit these crimes.
When asked about the motives for his actions, Nfor Bruno Tabo alias small pepper, the gang's mastermind, said that this was not his first act.  "The Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) had first questioned me when I threatened a man and he paid me fifty thousand CFA francs. He adds that he committed such an act after the BIR  killed his father and mother in their village.  Nevertheless, he regrets his act and affirms that his accomplices are still at large. 

Denouncing of Criminals

The Commissioner of Public Security in Bamenda took advantage of the arrest of these two suspects to call on the population to collaborate with the security forces.  He said, "the population already understands that the police are there for them, that they are not alone.

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  1. Great. And their faces should be exposed so that they should be treated accordingly by the population. Thank you for showing their faces.