North West Female Mayors Salute President Biya for 4 women in Senate

The four female Senators of the North West 

The Association of Female Mayors in the North West have saluted the President of the Republic and Chairman of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, the CPDM for getting four women in the Senate.

Led by Mayor Annatou Abrahams, the representative of the female Mayors gave their "unflinching support to His Excellency President Paul Biya in his strong determination to build peace and foster the development of our great nation, Cameroon."

For the first time, the CPDM endorsed three women in the North West and the President of the Republic appointed one.

"We call on the Senators to work relentlessly with the Head of state towards building Democratic institutions of a decentralised unitary state" part of the motion of support read.

While advocating that the female senators should work for the advancement of peace in the region, Mayor Annatou Abrahams emphasized that with their competences, there is no gainsaying that they're a perfect fit for the Senate.

At the March 12 Senatorial Elections, municipal councillors and Regional Councillors of the North West voted for Madam Emma Lafon from Bui, Fointama Hilda from Boyo and Prof Mrs Nebah Ndosiri Bridget from Mezam.

Last March 31st, President Paul Biya appointed Senator Mrs Regina Mundi from Mezam.

Senator Emma Lafon

While Emma Lafon is  the only woman amongst the four elected who had previously served in the Senate, she has a wealth of competence in politics.

She is the current National Secretary General of the WCPDM and was list leader for the CPDM list on March 12.

Fointama Hilda 

Madam Fointama Hilda the Mayors said is a perfect example of empowering a grassroot militant, woman and mother. The school teacher was catapulted to the Senate after her strong militancy in the CPDM, harnessing the grassroot and working for the enhancement of peace in Boyo.

Prof Mrs Nebah Ndosiri 

As concerns Prof Mrs Nebah Ndosiri Bridget, the Professor of Chemistry, Woman rights Defender, women empowerment leader and seasoned politician, has a mastery of what governance is all about.

Prof Nebah is currently serving as WCPDM Section President for Mezam IA since 2015 and technical adviser Number One in the Ministry of women's empowerment and the family.

Prof Mrs Nebah is also lecturer in the University of Yaounde I.

Senator Mrs Regina Mundi

The lone appointed woman in the middle of two men on March 31, is Mrs Regina Mundi.

The only CPDM Militant in the poli-bureau of the party from the North West, holds very strong views as concerns the empowerment of women and girl children in the North West.

She has assisted several women in the Tubah and Nkwen health districts to get adequate maternal care and ensure that they have safe deliveries.

Most complicated pregnancies in these health districts have been funded by the Senator.

First appointed in 2018, Senator Regina Mundi is the only female Senator to have been appointed from the North West since the advent of the Senate in 2013.

While hoping to get more women in the decision making process of the region, the association of female Mayors promised to accompany the senators to accomplish their task.

The declaration of the female Mayors were read by Annatou Abrahams, Lum Chesi Miriam, Ngwafu Anna and Abong Esther.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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