Mezam Peace and Development Initiative: Senator Regina Mundi prescribes love for region, shun the blame game

Senator Mrs Regina Mundi at the Mezam PDI

Recently appointed senator from Mezam, Regina Mundi has called on North Westerners to stop the blame game, stop being victims and be volunteers towards the return of peace and sustainable development to the region. 

Her 10 minutes talk to the Divisional representatives from Bamenda I, II & III, Santa Bafut, Tubah and Bali on the first day of a two day workshop of the Mezam Peace and Development Initiative, Senator Regina Mundi drew inspiration from a talk with a renowned state actor from the region stating North Westerners should stop playing victims and be volunteers for growth. 

“We should stop crying the victim part, we should stop seeing ourselves as people who are being marginalised and victimised. Victims complain from left to right we should stop that. Instead let us take the role of the volunteer and volunteers see further, makes suggestions toward growth. We should take control of our region, Mezam and things that concern us and go about repairing it. We have the intelligence and man power so let us go ahead and fix things for ourselves.”

“Let us stop the blame game…let us move on, we must take the lead. As long as we continue this blame game, we are never going to get anywhere, let us be volunteers and not victims. We should look at ourselves as people who have vision for our village and we will succeed. It is now time for us to rethink, where have we gone wrong and how can we amend this.” She added. 

Her words were motivated by the fact that for years and counting, Anglophones bear the notion they are being marginalised and victimised by the French speaking part of Cameroon. Some hold the opinion that John Ngu Foncha, ST Muna and others didn’t lead Southern Cameroon effectively which is one of the causes of the ongoing crisis. 

As a result of the Sociopolitical crisis in the North West and South West regions, several lives, properties have been lost. Families have been separated as a result of displacement. The greatest call and cry for all in the region at this point is the cry for peace and normalcy to return to the region for development to take its course. 

Having 10 senators from the region, the generous  Senator assured North Westerners that all senators are ready to do all to ensure the growth of the region. 

“All the senators of this region are prepared to come on board for the development of this region and anybody can count on them. The 10 senators of this region are all coming on board to see that this region as a whole takes the leading role in the nation”

The Mezam Peace and Development Initiative under the theme “Peace and Sustainable Development”, is a initiative by the president of the Regional Assembly Prof Fru Angwafo III to fast track peace and sustainable development in the region. 

By Anye Nde Nsoh

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