Mezam Division launches peace and development initiative, Fons champion crusade

Fon Forchesiri of Bamendakwe (L), Fon Angwafo of Mankon (M) and Fon Azehfor of Nkwen (R) crusading for peace in Mezam

Paramount Fons of Mankon FAN Angwafo IV, Fon Azehfor III of Nkwen and Fon Forchesiri III of Bamendakwe all in Mezam Division of the North West region of Cameroon were at the forefront of a peace walk in Bamenda, soliciting for peace and normalcy to return to the Division.

Prof Fru Angwafo III welcomes the Mezam Peace initiative at the North West Regional Assembly

The peace walk is an initiative organized by the North West Regional Assembly which saw its launching Wednesday April 26, 2024, dubbed Mezam Peace and Development Initiative under the theme “Peace and Sustainable Development”.

“We are bound to preach peace and peace must return to this region. In Mezam when we hold peace plants it means we are fighting for peace and when there is peace there is development” Fon Azehfor of Nkwen spoke on behalf of Fons

The walk saw hundreds of persons of different works of life from the seven subdivisions that make up Mezam division clamouring for peace, bearing messages to shun violence as they walk from Mile one junction to the governor’s office such as “Peace is possible if we all work towards it, let’s build bridges not walls, let’s teach our children to be peace makers, together we can make Mezam a better place, one person can make a difference in Mezam by choosing peace.

Addressing the population at the Regional Assembly, Prof Fru Angwafor III appreciated the peace crusaders and stipulated that without unity and peace, development is far fetched.

“If we don’t come together then development can never take place. I thank you all for coming. I thank our fathers the Fons for coming to join us. Mezam is the region because there is no village in the region that doesn’t have some one in Mezam. If Mezam has peace North West will have peace.”

Ghejung Awunti, Commissioner for Economic Development

A message re-echoed by Ghejung Awunti, the Commissioner for Economic Development at the Assembly, leader of the Peace and Development Initiative for Mezam “We are here to talk about the importance of development in sustainable peace, most importantly bringing us together as a family under one tent to talk about our issues and to let the public know that there are outlets and people working on their behalf.”

North West Governor receives peace crusaders

Acknowledging the efforts of the population, the Governor of the North West region Adolphe Lele LAfrique opined that the crisis started in Bamenda and Bamenda has to stand firm to put a stop to it so that other divisions can copy.

“The crisis started from Mezam and it is from here that we have to shun the crisis and all negative ills for only peace can bring long lasting development. We will access all the divisions working for peace and to give our necessary support”. 

The commission has adopted a bottom-top approach after the regional assembly President launched the peace crusade. It will be engaging in activities that brings people together, taking advice and making amendments. 

The launch of the Mezam Peace and Development Initiative comes hours after the Archbishop for Bamenda visited the mankon palace to pray for peace in the division. 

By Anye Nde Nsoh

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