At Mezam Peace and Development Initiative, Anye Matoyah Presents Workable solutions

Cletus Anye Matoyah, DG of MIDENO

During the opening of a two day workshop of the Mezam Peace and Development Initiative held April 27, 2023 at the conference hall of the North West Regional Assembly, MIDENO’s Director General Cletus Anye Matoyah has highlighted the challenges faced in attaining sustainable Development as well as proposed solutions. 

His presentation was aimed at attempting to demonstrate how development can be pursued within the context of the gradual return to normalcy in the region. 

Due to the sociopolitical unrest which has plagued the region for years now, Anye Matoyah says “Farmers have been prevented from farming, livestock has been looted and food items have dropped tremendously as markets no longer hold in the hinterlands. Roads, health facilities, schools and houses have been vandalized and bridges broken. In fact,most of the population have seen their only source of livelihood erased.”

Cross section of participants 

To sort this out and to help farmers regain their source of livelihood, MIDENO in June 2019 set up an Adhoc Committee on the recommendation of the North West Governor. The final technical report submitted on July 13, 2019, propounded strategies to facilitate its implementation through the ongoing decentralization process which includes;

Provide the population with the necessary infrastructures that they will need for their day to day activities especially those damaged by the war including the rehabilitation of water supply schemes, broken bridges, destroyed markets, hospitals, schools and other public infrastructures. 

Adopt a community development approach built on the community development spirit of the people of the region to enable the community fully take part in the rebuilding of their communities. The reconstruction of structures and infrastructures should be the sole responsibility of councils, this is because councils are better placed to easily evaluate and assess the urgent needs of the area and take decisions on urgent infrastructures to be constructed. 

To MIDENO boss, the  45 page Strategy Document for the Socio-Economic Revival and Return to Normalcy in the North West region submitted to the Governor on July 13, 2019 is a document which if exploited will bring development to the region. 

The Mezam Peace and Development Initiative under the theme “Peace and Sustainable Development”, is an initiative by the president of the Regional Assembly Prof Fru Angwafo III to fast track peace and sustainable development in the region. 


Anye Nde Nsoh

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