After receiving attirbutes: NW Elite, Population Hail Senator Ndosiri

North West Elite present at the reception of Senator Prof Nebah Ndosiri

The population of the North West Region have hailed Senator Mrs Nebah Ndosiri Bridget Ndoye describing her as a perfect fit for the Senate.

They described her as a silent achiever who accomplished her task without noise for the good of all and sundry.

The Elite of the North West were speaking in Yaounde shortly after Senator Prof Nebah Ndosiri Bridget received her attributes.

Senator Prof Nebah Ndosiri Bridget Ndoye 

On behalf of the North West Elite, Minister Ghogomu Paul Mingo highlighted that Senator Ndosiri has the mental and intellectual capacity to fulfill the daunting task as a Senator.

While calling on the population to accompany her realize her goals, Minister Ghogomu asked the people to put her in their prayers.

From the Ministry of Women Empowerment and the family to the Faculty of Science in the University of Yaounde I to sons and daughters of Bamendakwe, one message went across that Senator Prof Nebah Ndosiri is an accessible woman, full of ideas, humble and willing to help at the shortest appeal.

Prof Martin Ndumu, President of the Bamendakwe traditional council 

Speaking on behalf of the Fon of Bamendakwe, the President of the Bamendakwe traditional council, Prof Martin Ndumu said that Prof Nebah has the mental capacity to debate laws and control government action. Words corroborated by the Mayor of Bamenda I Council, Mbigha Njah Felix.

Mbigha Felix, Mayor of Bamenda I 

In her thank you message to the population, Senator Prof Nebah was categorical that she is open to working with individuals and groups for the advancement of peace and development in Mezam and the North West Region.

Not forgetting the two cardinal points of who a senator is, to control government action and to vote laws, Senator Nebah says she will focus her mandate on the empowerment of women and girls.

The native of Bamendakwe village in Mezam Division thus becomes the first woman to have been elected Senator from Mezam.

She is an associate professor in inorganic chemistry from the University of Yaounde I. The researcher before her brilliant election on March 12 was serving as Technical Adviser Number One to the Minister of Women's Empowerment and the family.

Traditional Dances 

She is the current WCPDM Section President for Mezam IA.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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