Senatorial Elections: SDF Launches Campaign in Bamenda, Recounts successes, makes mouthwatering promises

Senator Vanigansen MoChiggle officially launched campaigns for the SDF in Bamenda 

The Seven substantive candidates of the March 12th Senatorial Elections for the SDF have been officially presented to the press.

In an official campaign launch in Bamenda which the candidates opted for a press conference, the SDF candidates hinged on the fact that no election is won before time and the party is ready to battle the CPDM on polling day.

Lucas Ngu Afung, 2nd Deputy City Mayor of Bamenda in his welcome speech noted that the party was launched under the rain, through flying bullets and have gone through trying times and still waxing strong. He went further to say the times are tough and only the tough will sail.

Lucas Ngu encouraged the candidates that the present statistics presented puts the party at a disadvantaged position, should be used as a stepping stone. He described the aspirants as 'Bush Hunters' who won in 2018 and will win in 2023 with SDF councillors far lesser in number.

Cross section of party followers 

The party has made a good number of promises ahead of the elections.

The candidates say they will advocate for the allocation of at least one billion francs CFA per council every fiscal year. The promise which got journalists seeking for clarification how this will achieved.

In response, Senator Vanigansen MoChiggle said 15% of the state budget is supposed to be decentralised to the 374 councils in the country and instead to go looking for other ways, simply allocate a billion francs for each council.

The SDF Senators say they will also advocate for monthly allowances and emoluments to municipal and Regional Councillors to permit them effectively carry out their functions.

Lucas Ngu Afung, 2nd Deputy City Mayor 

The four incumbent Senators say they will banking on their experience especially at the time marked by steps towards the devolution of powers to the councils and regions.

MoChiggle and Co are promising to advocate for a greater autonomy for the North West region through the effective devolution of powers and adequate content to the special status.

These campaign promises according to the aspirants is good enough to get as many councillors of the CPDM vote for them on Sunday March 12th.

Promises which journalists wanted to know where the senators were to only come out today with mouthwatering promises. They wanted to know what the senators have been doing for the last five years.

In response, Senator Vanigansen MoChiggle said the crisis did not permit them to officially announce their visits to the Region but nonetheless, they have carried out several developmental projects in their respective Divisions of origin.

MoChiggle said he had particularly supported some road maintenance works in Bamenda III, the filing of potholes at Swine Quarter in Bamenda II, donating portable water to Bamenda I and Wosing in Bali.

He went further to say some IDPs have benefitted from his magnanimity and today attending school.

All four incumbent Senators say they have supported their village development groups, assists IDPs and work for the return to peace.
Specifically, Kinyang George from Bui says he has sacrificed his monthly allowances for the last two years to provide electricity to Noni subdivision worth 27 million francs.

He says he also provided 7.9 million francs to train 20 girls from Bui Division in Hotel Management and they're today working to earn a living.

To Ngam Honore, he has assisted in the refurbishment of schools, donated a 3-phase transformer and supported water projects plus the renovation of the Kom palace.

Senator Ngam Honore enjoined the journalists present to know that the functions of a Senator is to vote laws and control government action. Though they take up time to intervene on some development projects in the community.

Vanigansen MoChiggle is running for Mezam, Buh Sule in Menchum, Ajuoh Ngam Honore in Boyo, Kinyang Georges Nyang in Bui, Amboufei Diana Engenembe in Momo, Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugab in Donga Mantung and Mafogho Inusa Petiangma in Ngoketunjia.

The SDF has 31 councillors in the North West out of the over 1075 councillors in the region.

The party currently has zero of the 90 Regional councillors of the North West. 

They're banking on burning the midnight candle to create one of the greatest upsets in modern politics in Cameroon.

Some journalists seeking for clarification 

According to Senator MoChiggle, a vote for the SDF is sending a strong message to Yaounde that the crisis needs to end as the party says they will continue to advocate for genuine inclusive dialogue, respect for human rights.

Senator Vanigansen MoChiggle is currently a Vice President at the Senate.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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