PPRD NW: Steering Committee Chairman Satisfied with level of Execution

Balungeli Confiance Ebune leaves Bamenda a happy man 

The chairman of the steering Committee of the Presidential Plan for the Development of the North West and South West Regions has left Bamenda, visibly satisfied with the level of work done this far.

Speaking in Santa as he took his leave, Balungeli Confiance Ebune said the projects were satisfactorily executed.

"Where we had to advise we did, where we had to correct we did but on a general note, I think it's satisfactory.

" I'm also very happy with the way the population welcomed us. It satisfies us that the projects really touched the population. They also extended a lot of gratitude to the Head-of-state." Minister Ebune remarked.

Inclusive Nursery and primary school Nkwen 

The Director of  Cabinet at the Prime Minister's Office visited a water catchment extension in the Nkwen and the construction of a modern dormitory at Full Gospel High School in Nkwen, the construction of an inclusive Nursery and primary block at CBC Nkwen all in the Bamenda III subdivision, the construction and equipment of Sacred Heart Nursery and Primary school, St Joseph Nursery and primary school and the Islamic Nursery and primary school old town Bamenda in the Bamenda II subdivision.

Bamendakwe water system constructed 

In Bamenda I, the plan is constructing a modern playground while a Solar-powered Water supply system was officially inaugurated in Kiyak Quarter. 

The Minister and entourage also visited the Women's Empowerment Centre, newly constructed and equipped while they were informed that other projects have been realized in Santa.

Classrooms constructed at CBC Nkwen 

The projects visited are a synopsis of the projects executed across the North West Region as presented by the resident representative of the United Nations Development Program in the North West.

Islamic Nursery and primary school old town 

At every bus stop, the local authorities expressed their sincere thanks to the President of the Republic and the National Coordinator of the plan for effectively implementing projects which skeptics said were impossible.

Andrew Nkea, Archbishop of the Bamenda Metropolitan Archdiocese and member of the steering Committee highlighted that the plan was actually building better.

"We have benefitted in a very big way from the renovation of schools, and to ensure that children go back to school in better conditions than before.

"The reconstruction plan has respected the principle of building back better" Archbishop Andrew Nkea told the Press.

Sr Joseph Nursery and Primary school under construction 

The plan since it's inception has had as slogan to build better.

At the Islamic Nursery and primary school Old town where the plan has invested 27 million Francs, the Manager of the school, Muntari, was very happy. He stated that since the completion of the school, it has grown tremendously.

"In 2008, we had just 65 pupils but since the structure was completed, the enrollment has gone up to 359.

"We still have some space for some new classrooms" the Manger of the school pleaded.

Sacred Heart Nursery and Primary school 

At Sacred heart, is a complete Nursery and  primary school constructed from scratch. The school has 8 classrooms, 8 toilets for the primary section and four for the nursery section, a counselling office and an office for the head teacher, amounting to 55 million francs CFA.

Saluted for Thier resilience when people were hostile towards sending their children to school, Balungeli Confiance Ebune was greeted to a special scenario at the Inclusive Baptist Nursery and primary school Nkwen.

Santa Multipurpose women Empowerment Centre 

Here, they was a sign language interpreter who could conveyed the message to the deaf while the teachers were apt in taking care of the kids with down syndrome.

The Minister was very appreciative that pupils with mobility impairment could access their classrooms with ramps.

This according to executors of the plan means no child would be left behind reasons why water points constructed in Bamenda III and Bamenda I subdivisions were very low so all and sundry can fetch portable water.

In Bamenda III, the reservoir was extended while in Bamenda I a complete new water storage  and transmission was constructed.

In all, speaker after speaker expressed their sincere wishes to the plan hoping that more funders can come onboard to better the lives of citizens in the North West and South West Regions.

With some whose livelihoods were completely wiped out, the plan seeks to bring them back to standard better than they left it.

Poultry farmers who have benefitted from this plan attest that their inputs were handed to them to grow the chicks from start to finish.

With new partners financing the plan, there is hope that many more communities and persons will benefit.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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