PPRD NW: Bamendakwe Population salutes Solar-powered Water supply system

Solar-Powered Water system officially inaugurated 

The population of Bamendakwe have salutes the presidential plan for the reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions.

The population came out in their numbers to greet Minister Balungeli Confiance Ebune and his delegation after a 400,000 litres reservoir was constructed and officially handed to the population.

Situated in Kiyak Quarter, the water is going to compliment the other water projects in the village that have been in dire need of water in recent times.

Minister Ebune having a taste of the water 

The over flowing reservoir was greeted with joy as dance groups ran towards the tap to have a taste of the precious liquid.

"The water is so nice and cold" are the words that many murmured.

Minister Balungeli Confiance Ebune used the donation of the water to salute the population of Bamendakwe for resisting the temptation of joining armed groups that do not mean well for the population.

"This community was selected because it was determined and they believed in the presidential plan for reconstruction and development.

"We urge you all to continue working to preserve the peace of this subdivision because from where this came, many will come." 

Bamendakwe is also benefitting from a modern football field though the execution is still ongoing.

Created on the 3rd April 2020, the Presidential Plan for reconstruction and development seeks to build better what has been lost due to the socio+political crisis in the North West and South West Regions.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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