Wum: Mayor Dighambong Anthony Mvo visits 2023 project sites

Mauot Dighambong Anthony on field work in Wum

Mayor Dighambong Anthony Mvo toured these projects sites on February 3, 2023.
It was a marathon day for the Mayor of Wum Council, this 3rd day of February 2023, in the city of Wum. Dighambong Anthony Mvo visited in turn the construction sites of the Wum Municipal Rest House, the construction site of the Low cost housing, the rehabilitation of the Naikom Junction-SDO residence, some box culverts, the new farm to market road GTHS junction-Nyoh-Temkebhra-Mvouh and the Wum Main Market.

About the projects, the Council engineers explained the specificities to the Mayor, while pointing out some of the few difficulties encountered so far, and reassured him of the prompt execution of these projects by the various contractors.
The Mayor gave some directives here and there and called on the various contractors to get to work and respect datelines so as to enable the Council feature among the first council to execute their projects on time.

Opening of farm-to-market roads 

To be built on a site of approximately 1Ha, the low cost housing which is yet to start, is promising to be a new layout for the municipality and a most visited area because of its nearness to the famous Lake Wum. It shall also be a perfect arena for relaxation. The low cost housing has an accommodation capacity of 110 places, including  20 double rooms and 15 high-standing studios. 

The complex will ensure better accommodation for the municipality which is in dire need of such edifices. 

After the low cost housing site, Mayor Dighambong Anthony Mvo visited the opening of a new farm to market road.  This road shall help the council meet up with its 2023 goal of Youth Empowerment and Local Economy Development.

The state-of-the-art rest house building includes a reception, a spacious restaurant, a car park, a game house, a high standing bar and 7rooms among which 2 VIP rooms and five normal rooms.

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