World Echoes Media Group, Farmer Tantoh calls for the Protection of wetlands

Farmer Tantoh (L), Tamukong Roland (R) Addressing the press

The Publisher of World Echoes Media Group, Tamukong Roland and Tantoh Dieudonne popularly known as Farmer Tantoh have called on the authorities and the members of the community to protect water catchments and wetlands in the North West Region.

The two environmental conservationists were speaking in Bamenda on Thursday 2nd February 2023 as the World observes the International wetland day under the theme: "It's time for wetland restoration."

Tamukong Roland 

Tamukong Roland notes that there is a massive destruction of water catchments in and around Bamenda that will lead to an acute water shortage in future.

Wetlands around Mulang, TASS Junction and other parts of Bamenda are being reclaimed. In other areas like the Bamenda station, trees and palm trees are dugout out for home construction. Even at home, all water is channeled towards the gutters, yards are paved. This makes the soil to remain dry.

Those living in highland areas like the Bamenda Upstation, Abangoh and Sisia were told by Farmer Tantoh to effectively manage their waste to avoid pollution of streams. "While you pollute upstream, remember that they're people living downstream." He highlighted 

Farmer Tantoh says his NGO, 'Save your future Association' which is being transformed to the Farmer Tantoh Foundation, was created to protect springs, water catchments and provide portable water to the community. 

The foundation just like world Echoes have called on Municipal authorities of the region, town planners and community leaders to protect water catchments by stopping people from building 60 metres close to these catchments, some level water should be channeled into the soil during the raining season to recharge it. This he says will greatly reduce flooding.

"When wetlands are properly protected, it will greatly reduce water scarcity during the dry season." Farmer Tantoh told the Press 

Hydophome interlocking building 

Farmer Tantoh further recommends that to get the soil wet, those building should opt for flowers instead of pavement bricks. This he says flowers greatly reduce the risk of contracting stroke and other related sickness.

Farmer Tantoh also prescribed the use of hydophome interlocking blocks. He says it is packed dry and can regulate the temperature of the house. Building such an eco-friendly house reduces cost by 30 percent. Such a house that is constructed with little or no cement can be dismantled at will.

Farmer Tantoh has built over 60 water catchments in the North West with a major objective to provide safe drinking water to  communities.

As the world celebrates the 2023 edition of World Wetlands Day, it is time communities adopt friendly approaches to protect water catchments and stream pollution.

Stop the dumping of dirt in streams as it affects aquatic live in rivers and oceans.

Journalists challenged to be wetland ambassadors 

When you destroy a water catchment, think of the generation after you and when you pour soap and other detergents in water upstream, think of those using that same water, down stream.

Together we build an eco-friendly environment.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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