Senatorial Elections: NW CPDM Launches Campaign as Emma Lafon stages Comeback

Philemon Yang official launches Campaigns for the CPDM in Bamenda 

The Regional Campaign Commission of the ruling CPDM Party has officially launched campaigns of the March 12th Senatorial Elections.

Speaking in Bamenda, the Regional Campaign chair, Prime Minister Emeritus, Philemon Yang enjoined the Municipal and Regional councillors to give back to the party by ensuring that they vote the CPDM list.

Philemon Yang called for the strict respect of the electoral laws of the country and the internal organisational text from the Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee.

"The campaigns must be methodical and void of improvisation. Municipal and Regional Councillors are part of the campaign teams and should facilitate the work of team heads.

"You must respect the guidelines of the CPDM and avoid any form of provocation. Be optimistic and determined so we emerge victorious on the March 12. Act peacefully anywhere you find yourself." Philemon Yang told the members of the electoral college.

The campaign leader just like the Section President of Mezam IB, Cletus Anye Matoyah notes that it is not time for any complacency as no election is won before hand. 

Cletus Anye Matoyah called on the various campaign teams to burn the midnight candle, talk to all the councillors so no one feels left behind.

This is in accordance with a circular from the National President of the CPDM, Paul Biya, who has instructed that the Divisional Campaign heads should ensure that voters make it to the polling station on polling day in one piece.

Philemon Yang and Senator Regina Mundi of the Regional Campaign Team

The party hierarchy in the region reminded the councillors that "the respective titles and positions you have today is the making of the party and it will be unwise for the party to invest you as candidates and others voted for you, just for you not to vote for the party's candidates," Philemon Yang highlighted.

On the part of the candidates, he cautioned that "The North West list is that of the CPDM and not that of individuals." He notes that they must work together and shun unnecessary utterances.

The CPDM list for the North West region is led by Emma Lafon from Bui. Senator Emma Lafon is seeking to re-enter the Senate after being a Senator from 2013 to 2018. In her second attempt to enter the Senate, their list lost to the SDF party in 2018.

Being the Secretary General of the WCPDM party at the National level, Emma Lafon brings in a lot of experience and is the only previous Senator of the CPDM vying for a seat at the upper House. She counts 30+ years as a militant of the CPDM.

The seven candidates vying for the Senate

Ngafeeson Emmanuel Bantar is another candidate seeking for space at the Senate. The finance expert and former Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Education also former Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice in charge of the Penitentiary brings in more than 40 years of experience in administration both at the local and National level. He hails from Donga Mantung Division.

Another candidate, Dr Mrs Neba Ndosiri Bridget if elected becomes the first female Elected Senator from Mezam. 

Senator Mrs Regina Mundi attempted in 2018 but didn't succeed though she was appointed by the President of the Republic.

Dr Mrs Neba holds a PhD in Chemistry and lectures at the University of Yaounde I. Before her nomination to run for the Senate, Dr Mrs Neba has been the WCPDM Section President for Mezam IA for 8 years. The native of Bamendakwe is currently the Technical Adviser Number 1 to the Minister of Women's Empowerment and the family.

Kobenge Sekedi Bomeh

He is the youngest of the 7 candidates vying for a seat at the Senate.

Coming from the private sector, Kobenge Sekedi has a PhD in Electronic Engineering and is currently the Economic and Financial Affairs officer of Menchum III, Menchum Valley subdivision.

He has been an active militant of the CPDM since 2002.

Kobenge speaks English, French and Chinese and thinks that if voted to the Senate, he will work tirelessly for the empowerment of the youth. He is representing Menchum Division.

Enwe Francis representing Momo Division is a two time former MP for Momo West, specifically from Widikum.

The MP who left the National Assembly in 2020, stages a symbolic comeback this time to the Upper House of Parliament. Only Enwe Francis and Emma Lafon have had a full taste of Cameroon's Parliament before.

Fointama Hilda from Boyo Division is a grassroot militant of the CPDM. The native of Njinikom subdivision is a teacher at the elementary level and represents the voice of the grassroot militants of the party especially the women.

Mbufong Carl Moses is coming in from Ngoketunjia Division. The University lecturer previously served as the Pioneer Registrar of the University of Bamenda.

These seven candidates will be seeking the votes of the over 1075 Municipal councillors and the 90 Regional Councillors of the North West.

The CPDM currently controls 33 of the 34 councils that is 1044 councillors in the region as compared to 31 for the SDF.

The CPDM squares up on March 12th, with the SDF list headed by the current Vice President of the Senate, Vanigansen MoChiggle. The SDF sprung up a surprise in 2018 to win the elections.

Philemon Yang like other speakers during the launch said it is incumbent on the Divisional and Communal Campaign teams to be on their guard and plebiscite their list to victory.

The campaigns will run till midnight of Saturday 11th March 2023 while voting will take place only at Divisional Headquarters.

17 Fons from the House of Chiefs will take part in the elections.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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