At Prime International Award, Bamenda City Town Planner calls on Authorities to respect their recommendations

Ngock Jacob, Bamenda City Town Planner 

The Director in charge of Urban Development at the Bamenda City Council, Ngock Jacob has called on the powers that be to respect the work assigned to town planners and the recommendations they give.

Ngock Jacob was speaking at the Epic Event Centre, Thursday 2nd February 2023 as he received an award from Prime International and the BT Media Group of My Media Prime.

Decorated as the most resilient town planner in the heart of the crisis, Ngock Jacob used the opportunity to edify the media men and women on the need to respect prescriptions done by town planners if politicians and the government wants the kind of cities they dream of.

"In neighbouring Nigeria, it is taken very seriously. Here, our proposals are not taken as highly as there are supposed to be while others just do anything without respecting basic guidelines." Ngock told the Observer.

He used the award ceremony to call on 'Advocate Town planners' to keep advocating for better cities and towns across the country as it serves as a guide to them to deliver on the immediate needs of the inhabitants.

Kebua Charles, North West Bureau Chief of My Media Prime with Ngock Jacob 

Voted my seasoned journalists and users of council services, Ngock Jacob was hailed for his mastery in planning, the grooming of young and upcoming planners and the soft nature of handling delicate files.

Those who passed by him at the Bamenda City Council, took turns to throw more light on who Pa Ngock is and what he represents.

"He is a good man. Where I am today, it is because of his fatherly nature". Words of the Chief if service for Human resources at the council.

Presenting the award on behalf of Prime international, Mokom Thomas saluted the strides made by the City planner in listening to the public when they knock.

He says it was this open-door policy that made the public to vote for him.

To those of the Ashong cultural and Development Association, he was praised for his unallured support for development of his village. The Adviser of the association used the occasion to call on other elites to invest back home and also in youth empowerment.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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