NWRA 2022 Budget Orientation Session, bottom up approach adopted for execution

A bottom up approach has been adopted for the execution of projects envisaged by the Regional Assembly to be executed in the North West regional.

“Citizen Participation in a bottom up approach in sourcing activities from the community”, was the theme of the 9th session of the North West Regional Assembly. The approach was adopted by Regional Councillors, members of Parliament, Mayors and elite of the region for sustainable development come 2023 year.

This was unanimously accepted during the December 2022 Ordinary Session dubbed Budget Orientation and Debate for participatory development, held from December 12 to 14 at the Regional Assembly conference. The objectives of this orientation centred on Bringing stakeholders on board for an effective elaboration of the 2023 programme budget line with new nomenclature and enhancing citizen participation in community centred peace and development initiatives.

Projects for the Regional Assembly will encompass Environment, Housing and planning, transport, Tourism and Leisure. While the House of Chiefs shall draft a budget taking into consideration Chieftaincy, Monuments, Heritage, Oral tradition/mother tongue.

Prof. Fru Angwafo III, President of the Regional Assembly opened the session decrying the continuous retention of the Honorable Royal Majesty Yakum Kevin Teviuh, President of the House of Chiefs and Vice President of the Assemble who has been in captivity for over 12 months. It proceeded by the training from experts on Citizen participation and community driven development the peace and development: initiative honing in on promoting social cohesion, and activities to be performed
through the high intensity labor approach.

A cross section of Regional Councillors

After two years in office in a five year mandate, the budget execution rates of the assembly stands at 78.54% for investment, 80.01% for functioning, giving a global perception of 79.14%. This has seen some feasibility studies done while others are on going. There has also been the construction of VIP toilet block in Belo, Rehabilitations of Barakwe Palace hall, purchase of construction equipment, Ako District Hospital and GHS Sabongari, GTHS Benakuma, GHS Wum, CCAST Bambili, GTTC Mbengwi, Ndop, Batibo District Hospital and many others.

Projects under realization for the close of the 2022 year includes Laying of Foundation stone for the Bangshie Regional Gas plant, desks distribution, assistance to Widikum Floods and landslide, Unity Debate and public tournament in Bamenda and the Mankon Cultural Development Association for the Nikwi cultural festival. The production of hundreds of birth certificates and financial support to groups to mitigate suffering and deep effects of the crisis to communities.

During the intercession after the September 2022 session, the assembly has had a series
of fruitful outings including the technical working sessions with FEICOM Yaoundé resulting in the approval of the billion CFA Regional Guest House project, a seminar on
climate change with the National Observatory for Climate change in Bafoussam
reception of CONAC's 2021 Report on the fight against corruption in Cameroon Yaoundé.

The assembly has also been involved in several meetings in different countries of the world (Brazil, South Africa, DR Congo) and others for sustainable development workshops and deals.

From 2023 to the year 2027, the Assembly hopes the region will witness more human and physical developmental changes from collective effort.

Anye Nde Nsoh

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