Bamenda: Police officers uncover illegal wine factories, arrest owners

Two proprietors who own two locally brewed wine factories have been arrested by elements of the Bamenda Central police.

Arrested over the non-acquisition of brewing licenses, operating in a dirty environment, lack of quality control and the use of old and dirty bottles are part of the allegations labelled against the owners of the business.

Confistiticated bottles of Master Wine

Specialized in the production of red wine popularly known in Bamenda as 3-in-1 and sold in the local markets, the two factories produces the brand Master fruit wine and Chateau Royal.

One of the CEOs, 47-year old Andrew says he decided to indulge in the business to help create jobs for young Cameroonians.

An assertion quickly dismissed by the regional police authorities who say he has no legal permit to produce and market the brand Master Fruit wine.

Bottles used after production

On site, they were old bottles being washed by 11 employees of the company. Inside where ANOR( Wine certification company) seals, gallons of the brewed wine, finished products already bottled, a machine to cock the drinks as well as a host of labels.

Elung Wilson on site to ascertain the situation 

The officers of the law accompanied by the one of the state prosecutors for Mezam were taken aback as the company also produces Clifco Mineral Water, Candy Soyabeans powder, Cliffco Yoghurt friut drink, Bongsuiru light of carrot which Andrew says is a beauty cream.

Cliffco water

Andrew says he stopped the production of water five years ago though samples of the bottled water were seen at the factory.

Located in the Madagascar neighbourhood in Foncha Street, Bamenda III subdivision, the CEO of the company that doesn't have a  signpost and no authorisation will have to answer to as to who granted him the rights to production.

Final product 

Over at the Ndamukong neighbour still in Bamenda III, another CEO was arrested alongside eight workers of his production company for a similar product known as Chateau Royal. 

Black power sachet whiskey 

The elements were greeted with a document from ANOR that permits them to operate. 

The hygienic conditions were found wanting while samples of a sachet whiskey known as Black power were found on site. The company has not been given a license to produce and market whiskey.

Storage of the finished product 

Shocked at these occurrences in Bamenda, the Regional Delegate of National Security, Police Commissioner, Wilson Elung Njume, asked for investigations to be open and a report submitted to the legal department without delay.

"These are toxic substances that we consume in Bamenda. They go a long way to destroy the lungs of their consumers. We have hinted the appropriate quarters and measures to curb such practices will be taken."

ANOR authorised seals

The CEOs of the two companies are currently under investigation and the authorities have opted to follow due process to ascertain the quality of the wine. 

Machine to Fit corks 

The competent health authorities will check the conditions under which the wine is brewed, the quality of the wines, bottles and other subsidiaries produced by the companies and the legal framework to operate such a business.

Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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