Bafut Council Adopts Ambitious, Youth centred 2023 Budget

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence chairing budgetary session 

Councillors of the Bafut municipality have voted a budget balance in income and revenue at 1.18 billion francs for 2023.

The councillors saluted the Mayor for his foresightedness in coming out with 22 lofty projects that  centres around youth empowerment, assistance to IDPs, opening of farm-to-market roads, building of bridges, opening of roads, electricity, refurbishment of schools and opening of Cassava graters to ease the processing of Cassava in the Municipality.

Council board

To ease access for persons with disabilities, ramps will be constructed across five health centers in the Municipality.

A move which was highly applauded by the councillors who say access to health care, schools and public structures should be easy for all and sundry.

Of the 1.18 billion budgeted, 619.4 million has been allocated for recurrent expenditure representing 52.5 of the budget while the investment budget stands at 560 million Francs.

The budget receives a 130.3 million Francs increase from the budget of 2022.

The Mayor of the Municipality, Ngwakongoh Lawrence says this rise is due to government's investment credit for 2023 which stands at 301,500,000 Francs.

In 2022, the council executed more than 20 projects like the rehabilitation of classrooms in Swie and Obang, a bridge across the stream linking Ntangoh and Nine.

Rural electrification in the village of Nchum, construction of meat sales slaps, support vulnerable people, construction of a health centre amongst others.

Speaking at the event, the Divisional officer for Bafut, Fokou Andelys saluted the staff and Mayor for the quality of documents presented to the councillors. He says they were presented in a format that is easy to understand and easy to use.

The Divisional officer further salutes the peace that is gradually returning to Bafut subdivision stating that; "Peace is gradually returning to Bafut. Bafut is more quite now than in 2021. It's good for all us to be in Bafut and think about the Development of the subdivision." The DO noted.

He also saluted the presence of the District chair of the SDF in Bafut. The DO noted that Bafut people should bury their differences and work together for peace and development. He notes that time for bloodshed is over.

The 2023 budget was prepared after a budgetary orientation debate organised by the council in partnership with Ivfcam where members of the community came together to propose the projects that they needed most.

The session took place on Wednesday 7th December 2022


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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