To increase productivity, CDENO North West Donates bountifully to Livestock farmers

North West Governor and CDENO Director flanked by recipients

Livestock Common initiative groups and individual farmers from the seven divisions of the North West region of Cameroon have received day old chicks, piglets and tons of feed from the North West Livestock Development Fund with its acronym CDENO.

This is in line with the objectives of the institution following Presidential Decree Number 317 of 8 November 1974 creating CDENO, with the tasks of Animal Production, Animal Health Coverage, Provision of Livestock Infrastructures and Capacity building of Livestock breeders.  

20,000 day old chicks, 56 piglets and 12 tons of animal feed were distributed to breeders. A gesture which the Director of CDENO Mbah Shupong Micheal says it will go along way to reduce poverty and increase productive considering the chicks are produce at the centre and are stress free. 

Mbah Shupong Micheal, Director of CDENO

“This is a project initiated by the management through the Board of Directors to see how we can assist farmers fight against poverty, a source of employment to them and to keep them busy during this difficult moment, there by increasing their income. The products are made in Bamenda and stress free and makes them to be resistant.” Mbah Micheal opined. 

“It is worth mentioning that in the course of this financial year 2022, we were able to accompany poultry farmers with a total of 1,82, 000 day old chicks and 350 tons of high quality animal feed. Cattle breeders were not left out. We assisted them through the vaccination of about 122,000 cattle and the provision of livestock infrastructures such as cattle crushes and water drinking points in the whole region. 10,000 day old chicks were earlier given to IDPs of Momo and 5000 to Santa and 5000 to the DDR Centre all produced from the incubator installed on December 17, 2020. “ he added 

Day old chicks made from the institution handed to Livestock farmers 

To Chief Fombuso Jing, President of North West federation of Livestock farmers, “This gesture Is a gesture that will always remain in our hearts. Let us be the ambassador to go out and tell others about this. Let’s also make them to join cooperatives so that their problems can easily be solved.”

Meanwhile Luc Menorah Rehabilitation Foundation Bamenda headed by  Dr. MAMENKEM GLADYS after receiving the gift, appreciated the institution and says it’s very timely considering the difficulties which the centre is facing, having orphans, Internally displaced persons and epileptic patients. This will assisted to train the children, improve on their dieting and serve as a source of income to the foundation.  

Tons of feed handed to farmers

The distribution originated from the difficulties and price hikes of chicks and table birds last year in the North West region which caused the institution to seek better ways of making available these items. 

Governor Adolphe Lele L’Afrique appreciated the board of directors of CDENO for this initiative to push poultry farming and pig farming sector in the North West region to increase productivity and consumption. 

North West Governor handing chicks to recipient 

As time goes on coupled with the proper functioning of the incubating machine present at CDENO, Mr Mbah Shupong Micheal Director of the institution has promised more shall be made available and call on all farmers to come directly to the centre and request for chicks in order to curb this middle man monopoly of trade. 

Anye Nde Nsoh

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