CCAST Bambili laboratory crisis: Hon Agho Oliver gifts to school

Hon Agho Oliver and students 

The Principal of the Cameroon College of Science and Technology, CCAST Bambili, Formukum Christopher, has presented the deplorable state of the school to the member of Parliament for Mezam North, Hon Agho Oliver.

Overall the staff of the school presented the deplorable Geology lab which is still to be refurbished after its construction in 1972. In the physics laboratory, the situation is worse.

Out of the 150 students, 25 cannot make it to the lab at the same time. This has forced teachers to carry lab equipment to the congested classrooms. Reagents which mostly needs care in handling them now are exposed in classrooms.

Deplorable physics lab

According to Tata Mbong, a class prefect, an urgent measure should be taken to salvage them from the situation. She further complaints that the nature of the board is so bad that those sitting behind can barely see.

In Lower Sixth science, students stand up to get notes when there is a combined class in maths and Chemistry.

This worrisome situation was caused by the razing down of some structures and benches in the course of the six year old Anglophone conflict.

Geology lab

This has forced students to sit in some classes, 5 a bench while others classes simply lack benches.

Taken aback by the current reality of the school, Hon Agho Oliver instantly provided money for the acquisition of four scientific boards, promised to purchase benches for the empty classrooms. He has also promised  to set up a scholarship scheme that will empower the students acquire better tertiary education. 

As the budgetary session of Parliament opens on Friday 11th November 2022, he has promised to galvanize resources for the rehabilitation of the laboratories.

Created in 1962, CCAST Bambili is considered a reference in the secondary education milieu in Cameroon and has produced five sitting government Ministers including Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary Education, Felix Mbayu, Minister Delegate in charge of the Commonwealth at Ministry of External Relations, Paul Tasong, Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Economy, Elong Paul Che, Deputy Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic.

Hon Agho Oliver talks to students

The wish of the student population is for urgent works to be done to make CCAST sustain its greatness.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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