At Budgetary orientation, Bafut leaders propose needs, allocate more to poor communities

Bafut Leaders at Budgetary Orientation session 

Respecting the Law of 2019 instructing Councils to hold a budgetary orientation session and to satisfy the needs of the population, the Bafut Council under the auspices of Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence has held a budgetary orientation session with Presidents of associations, quater heads, chiefs, community leaders of Bafut to know their desired needs and to seek better ways of solving them for the coming year.

The budgetary orientation was held Wednesday November 23, 2022 where by representatives of the over 50 quarters that make up Bafut proposed five projects each, in order of importance which be discussed at the budgetary session for 2023 financial year and eventual execution.  

Mayor Ngwakongoh Lawrence of Bafut council 

Projects such as water, farm to market roads, electricity, schools, hospitals, bridges were the must echoed with the poorest communities to be given more developmental projects. 
Being the first time such an orientation is held, Mayor Ngwakongoh explained that the reason for holding such session is to avoid giving what is not needed in an area, meanwhile it is highly desired by other areas. 

Due to the crisis the Bafut council has been unable to collect taxes caused by the prevailing nature of the crisis plaguing the municipality. This has greatly affected tax collection hence limiting the council’s productivity ratio. Taxes were usually collected from sand, Rent of equipments, Cattle tax, Slaughter house, Market tools, Building permits, Park fees, Sale of stamps, nowadays taxes are being evaded. 

As a result of the absence of peace some projects have been uncompleted, a situation which the Mayor lamented over, calling on all that “Unity is what the Bafut people need and when we are United, Development will follow suit”. 

At the close of the day, all community leaders, chiefs and quater heads were charged to be peace builders in their various communities to give way to development which they promised to carry the message home. 

The Divisional officer expressed joy seeing the people of Bafut gather for over five years to talk development knowing they are law abiding to the state. “The coming of you all here to this meeting means it’s a sign you want to put away all the huddles happening in the village.” He called on all to respect and give a helping hand to the council for development to take its course 

Anye Nde Nsoh

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