At Biya's Ruby Jubilee: Minister Felix Mbayu Recounts salient outcomes of Major National Dialogue

Minister Felix Mbayu explaining the sailent outcomes of the Major National Dialogue

Cameroon's Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of the Commonwealth, Felix Mbayu has recounted the sailent outcomes of the Major National Dialogue as the North West converge to celebrate President Biya's 40 years stay in power.

The dialogue that held between September 30th and October 4th 2019 caused some major political changes in the country.

Minister Mbayu notes that later in 2019, two months after the Major National Dialogue, they was the promulgation of Law No 2019/024 to Institute the General Code of Regional and Local Authorities. Granting a special status to the North West and South West Regions and instituting the office of Public Independent Concillator (PIC).

The PIC resolves disputes between the municipal Authorities and users of the councils.

They has been the creation of the National School of local Administration, NASLA and the devolving of 4 other powers to the region. In the domain of Transport, Tourism, Environment and Urban Development.

Elite of the North West Region 

After the Major National Dialogue, they was an enactment of a law on official languages. This has given the Bilingualism Commission to go further in a campaign against Hate speech and Xenophobia across the 10 regions in Cameroon.

Felix Mbayu further highlights that they has been a creation within the supreme court of a special section to review appeals against decisions in English as well as redeployment of Magistrates. This has gone further to increase the recruitment of English-speaking magistrates and court registers.

As the North West celebrate the ascension of President Paul Biya to the helm of the supreme magistracy, 40 years after, the Minister says the North West should also celebrate the Presidential Plan for the reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions that has had a direct bearing on farmers and will be touching other sectors in the days ahead.

Other classes of persons are also being rehabilitated like Ex-fighters who took up arms against the state of Cameroon. Their rehabilitation and reinsertion into the community is ongoing at the DDR Centres in Bamenda, Buea and Mora.

Other Majors changes celebrated at President Paul Biya's Ruby Jubilee is the abolition of the position of appointed Government Delegates in replacement of Elected City Mayors.

Minister Felix Mbayu was speaking in Bamenda as Elite of the North West, the Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee gathered to evaluate the road covered this far in President Paul Biya's management of Cameroon over the last 40 years.

Minister Felix Mbayu doubles as the Secretary of the follow up committee for the Implementation of the resolutions of the Major National Dialogue.

Celebrations Nationwide are taking place under the theme:"Let us further strengthen our mobilisation behind President Paul Biya to jointly pursue a nation building actions with one heart, peace and stability under the prism and spirit of National New Deal."


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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