At Workshop with Mayors: Public Independent Concillator Shuns indiscriminate sacking of workers

Tamfu Simon Fai, North West PIC

The office of the Public Independent Concillator (PIC) for the North West has received no fewer than 62 complaints from the public on the management lapses of Mayors in the North West Region.

According to statistics, over 90 percent of these complaints have been amicably settled to the satisfaction of all and sundry.

These statistics were revealed by the Public Independent Concillator for the North West, Tamfu Simon Fai as he opened a two day workshop in Bamenda on the theme: Rights, Duties and Ethical Compliance in council functioning.

Cross section of participants 

Speaking in Bamenda Thursday 27th October 2022, he reminded the council managers that his role is not to police the councils but to work together for the interest of the people. Reminding all the participants that his mission is that of a facilitator, a watchdog and an advocate for councils.

Meeting 10 months after their first encounter to share information on the activities of the PIC, Mayors were drilled on ethical practices.

Nina Ambuban, facilitator 

Top amongst which is the unlawful dismissal of council staffs who do not align politically with Mayors. Nina Ambuban, a facilitator presented on the the "Non-discrimination and mainstreaming inclusiveness in council functioning." And called on Mayors to shun biases against workers, calling on them to uphold the rights of the works irrespective of their political leanings, disability or gender.

The same message was echoed by the council Development officer for Misaje, Samba Cletus who enjoined the PIC to clip the wings of Mayors who don't respect rights of workers.

"Council workers are dismissed without taking into consideration what the labour code says. Those who suffer the more are workers who don't belong to the same political parties with the new Mayors. This is why we are pleading with the PIC to check the excesses of these Mayors." Samba told the Observer.


While Mayors have been called to respect the right of workers, the workers have been encouraged to cease the office of the Public Independent Concillator anytime they deem that their rights have been violated.

Beneficiaries of council services can also write to the PIC in case where Mayors are seen to be going against the regulations inforce.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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