Discover Miss NW, her project to empower Cameroonian youth

Miss Nya-Nyo Wendoh Grace

Miss North West and finalist of Miss Cameroon modeling contest Nya-nyo Wendoh Grace has embarked on encouraging, training, empowering and educating youth in her region through her project “Ensuring Employment in Education among Cameroonian youths.” With the slogan “Let's Breath Hope to a Brighter Future”

In a press conference held Thursday September 22, 2022, at Franco Alliance hall, the 19-year-old Student Nurse presented her project, stating she will be throwing back bountifully to youth considering the crisis has been a huge stumbling block to education, poverty and unemployment.

“We are the foundation of the country. Whatever we built now and in our career is the profit we will get in the years ahead. My project is focused on the youth. My target will be to go to the community to sentizes them and how to manage fear and make them encourage children and send them to school, avoid school boycotts because education is the backbone of our career.” Miss Anya-nyo Grace

Having a good mastery in pastries, stitching and the production of natural juice, Miss Grace says she will team her peers some entrepreneurial skills and if she wins the Miss Cameroon show 2023, she will be able to fund some projects in her community “ I will teach my peers to do some of my entrepreneurial skills so that they can be self employed. After winning the project I will get the funding and sponsor projects from youths.”

Being a student nurse, she loves to make her voice heard in the society which is her driving force into modeling and winning the show will give her an added advantage to speak out loud. Expressing herself to the press, Some of the challenges faced roams around finances which is provided by her family and crew, the support expected from other models in the region is lacking and there is no unity

Quizzed on her strategy getting into Miss Cameroon alongside nine other contestants from other regions of Cameroon, bravery, confidence and readiness is the uniqueness she will ride along with. 

The Beauty Queen Nya-nyo Grace Wendoh has called on the population of the North West region to support her massively in this project to see that youths in the region are empowered to in tend take care of themselves. 

Miss Nya-Nyo Wendoh Grace is a 19-year-old student Nurse at Full Gospel Medical School Nchoubuh. She hails from Ngoketunjia/Bui Division, Champion of Miss North West 2023, a finalist at Miss Cameroon 2023 organized by COMICA under the theme “Beauty in the service of education” to be contested on November 12, 2022. Her project of employment will have to do with self employment, vocational training in Pastries, fruit juice, arts and craft.  

Anye Nde Nsoh

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