Fuh Calistus initiates unique holiday tournament, Misaje Eyes 3rd Division, Athletics Club

Jubilation after winning a match

16 teams were on the starting block , and shared into four groups  of four teams, along the axis of the four major communities of the subdivision; Nchaney, Besaah, Misaje and Dumbu. Each group represented a community within the Misaje subdivision, Donga Mantung division of the North West region.

The tourney is at the semi-final stage. On Sunday August 24, 2022 Calvary FC of Misaje will clash with Brothers FC of Nkanchi.  Alhilal FC of Misaje will challenge Kemezung FC of Dumbu in the second game.

So far the tournament has been exciting and pulls crowds on each match day  considered a feat  as few communities in the troubled North West region can host football games because of the security situation.

The tournament has seen talents, spectacles and goals. Brothers FC Nkanchi has produced the most prolific attack scoring 17 goals and conceded seven. KFC Dumbu kept a cleansheet and busts the net 13 times.  Kitu Jaffred of KFC Dumbu holds the golden boot with 05 goals. 

Fuh Calistus Gentry, Sponsor 

The tournament is sponsored by an elite of the area, Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry to the tune of 5 million francs CFA. Organized under the Misaje Sport Empowerment Program, MISEP 2022, the initiative eyes the creation of a third division football team and an Athletics Club.  

Players will be picked from the tournament to form the football team, organisers hope to name the team Sodepa FC after a ranch operating in the community of Dumbu.  

                 On the Pitch 

Some 28 matches have been played. A man of the match was picked from each game for a prize money of 5,000 francs CFA at the group stage. From the quarter finals up to the final game the Man of the Match pockets 10,000 francs CFA. 200,000 Francs CFA, and other mouth-watering prizes await the winner of the tournament. Teams that will emerge second, third and fourth will also be rewarded.

Players put God first

The tournament, it should be said, is serving as a catalyst for peace in the area that is experiencing relative calm despite the restive nature of the North West Region in general. Apart from keeping youth occupied during this holiday period, Fuh Calistus Gentry, who is also Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines Industry and Technological Development wants to help young talents from his area of origin to have careers in sports. 

The desire to be part of the team has been helping to boost the competitiveness of the tournament coupled with the fact that financial motivation is given to players who stand out in matches. 

All the players participating in the tournament are licensed and insured, organizers have said. 

An Athletics Club will scout talents from Misaje, the plan is to sponsor and have the runners take part in next years Mount Cameroon Race of Hope, and similar events. Members of the club will be sieved from a marathon to be organised as part of MISEP. Some 30 athletes have registered for the marathon. The winner and two runners up will bag home cash prizes, organisers have said.

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  1. That is a good gesture by our father Prof.. Fuh may God bless him and Increase his position so that he can bring more things in misaje and also open the heart of our people to embrace politics because it's via politics that we are having this.ahead ahead our God chosen