Bilingualism Commissioner, Jean Marc Mbafor, Launches Make Bamenda, Buea Great Again Project

Town Hall Meeting 

 A member  of the  National  Commission for  the Promotion of  Bilingualism and Multiculturalism,   Jean Marc Afesi  Mbafor  has launched a project known as  Make Bamenda and Buea Great Again.

Mbafor launched the project in Molyko-Buea, Fako  division of the  South West region,  Friday  August 12.

The event was chaired by the 2nd Deputy Mayor of Buea,  Mosoko Edward Motowe.

It  had in attendance a variety of Academic scholars and other stakeholders in the region.

Welcoming the Youths from far and near to the grand launch Of the project, presentations from different speakers on Peace Building, Reflecting back from the beginning, Sustainability spiced the event.

Mbafor who is former President of the  Cameroon National  Youth Council in his presentation enlightened the participants to be peace advocate and the build back process.

He equally talked on  How to rebuild back the North West and South West regions by keeping the youths constantly on an activity every day to make them busy and less thinking.

Afessi Mbafor chairing proceedings

 He revisited the origin of the crisis and how it all started. He talked of a quiz, activities and prices to be won by those that will emerge winners of the peace project.

The Regional Coordinator of Make Bamenda and Buea Great Again, Edmond Njoh drilled the participants on some peace slogans such as: “Anything violence can do, peace can do better”, “End the violence, can keep peace, Peace begins with you, we need peace for a better life”, and “War is costly peace is princess”.

 Njoh also added that the conference is to facilitate the sub- delegates to go into the interiors and preach peace and the news to reconsider and give peace a chance.

In addition, as a means to make the conference lively and entertaining there was in attendance the Bakweri Traditional Cha Cha dance display.

 Participants  also  enjoyed a spoken word  on Peace Building and a peace song compose to spice the conference.

At the end of the conference, youths were encouraged to be peace ambassadors and say no to war. They were reminded that war destroys

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