NW, SW reconstruction: Steering Committee, National Coordinator counts achievements 18 months on

Director of PM's Cabinet (Centre), Minister Paul Tasong, right, UNDP Coordinator, left

 The Steering Committee of the Presidential  Plan for  the  Reconstruction and Development  of the North  West and South West regions, PPRD-NW/SW and the project’s  National  Coordinator  have  reviewed  achievements of the  scheme  18 months on.

The key realisations of the project  this far  was the subject of a  Steering  Committee  meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office in Yaounde  on Friday  June 8. It was the fourth session of the Committee.

Balungeli Ebune Confiance, Chairperson of the committee 

  The  chairperson  of the  Committee, the Minister,  Director  of the  Prime Minister’s  Cabinet,  Bulungeli  Ebune  Confiance  chaired the meeting.  This was in the  presence  of  members of  government, representative of  some diplomatic missions  and  other  organisations  that  have been supportive of the  project.

Cross section of the participants 

While hailing stakeholders at the meeting, the Chairperson of the  PPRD-NW/SW Steering Committee expressed delight  at what has  already been done  in the two regions.  He reiterated that, since  the  crisis  in the two regions, no  friend of  Cameroon  or any country  across the globe has  endorsed  the dream of separatist  to split Cameroon.  Ebune  Confiance restated, all countries  have condemned and rejected any attempt to  split  Cameroon.

 After  the meeting  which was in-camera,  the  Resident Representative of the  United  Nations  Development Program, UNDP,  in  Cameroon, Jean  Luc Stalon, faced the press. The UNDP is the implementing partner of the PPRD-NW/SW. Stalon said he was delighted in the gains made since 2020.  He said major gains have been made in terms of reviving the economy of the North West and South West regions.

 What followed  next was a presser  organised  by  the Minister  Delegate to the Minister of the  Economy, Planning and  Regional Development, MINEPAT,  Paul  Njukang  Tasong.    Minister Tasong is the National Coordinator of  the PPRD-NW/SW.


 Speaking during the press conference,  Minister Paul  Tasong  disclosed that, in 18 months, 19 water  points  have  been rehabilitated thereby enabling over 174,000 people to have access to  potable water. The Coordinator  talked of  16 health centres  rehabilitated  now  providing healthcare to 5,451  persons; over 7000 students and teachers  now have  access to good  learning space with some 22 schools  rehabilitated.
Over  48,000 persons  now being serviced by four bridges also  rehabilitated; 8000 lost documents recovered; over  60 insider mediators  have been trained to enhance  community peace; 12 social  and cultural  festivals and events  staged  to revive  social  cohesion across the North West  and South West regions; over 126,500 persons  have benefitted from some five community centres  already renewed.  The figures  presented  also talked of over 2,402 farmers  who have received  farm  equipment and tools; 40  greenhouses  erected to boost food  production; 53 stores transformed to  revive  economic activities; 120 young start-uppers  trained, mentored and given  funding.  He also talked of 47 cooperatives that have received intensive support to enhance  agricultural  production.
More  funding  on the way

 While restating that  President Paul Biya  is very committed to see the  complete  implementation of the project, Minister, Paul  Tasong  disclosed that, government is  sourcing for more funding  to ensure  her desires for  recovery in the two regions are met. 
 He talked of President Biya having ordered for  an extra 10 billion FCFA funding plus a loan  of 20  billion  FCFA  already being  negotiated with the Islamic  Development  Bank.

 The National  Coordinator  also said, the  cost of the project  has been reviewed upwards  to over 100  billion FCFA, up  from the  previous  89 billion. While  urging  partners  and friends  of  Cameroon to support the project,  Minister  Tasong  stated, government has  the capacity  to ensure  the  North West  and South West region  recovery  totally.

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