Mankon Breathes Again as Fo'o Angwafo IV Begins Reign

The turnout was precedented 

Multitudes have brave the odds to witness the public presentation of the 21st Fon of Mankon.

The population from far and near converged on Ntaw to celebrate the legacy of Fo'o Angwafo III and watch the presentation of the new Fon.

Ntambeng, Ntaw, Ntingkak have been deadly zones where separatists activities have been on a high. Making it very risky for the civilian population. But on the day of Abubte(Official Mourning ceremony), fear suddenly disappeared and the population converged in their numbers.

Sons and Daughters of Mankon mourning the disappearance of Fo Angwafo III

6am on Tuesday June 7th 2022, the sons and daughters of Mankon were seen dressed in plantain leaves to mourn the disappearance of Fon Solomon Anye Ndefru Angwafo III.

The highlight of the Abubte was the catching of the new Fon of Mankon.

Catching of Fon FAN Angwafo IV 

Presented at little over 8am, Fon Fru Asah Ndefru Angwafo IV was received with plenty of screams and excitement from the jubilant crowd that came out to welcome the new Fo.

The presentation of the new Fon marks the end of the Eight Days of mourning that was pronounced by the Kwifon on May 29th, 2022 during which farming and and tilling of the soil was suspended.

The close of the Abubte gave the sons and daughters of Mankon, those resident in Mankon and other well wishers the opportunity to bathe and change into a celebratory mode to officially start the Reign of the new Fon.

2:40 PM and His Majesty the King of Mankon is presented to the population. Present were Fons of other sister villages who had come to see who their new colleague is.

Fons of other Fondoms 

With dances, the people welcomed the 21st paramount ruler of the Mankon people who succeeds his father, Fo Angwafo III who reigned for 63 years before joining his ancestors a fortnight ago.

Most sons of daughters of Mankon witnessed this historic event for the first time as the last took place in 1959. Their sole wish is for peace and development to return to the Mankon land that has been buried in an armed conflict for 5 years now.

Public Presentation of the New Fo'o of Mankon 

The commencement of the construction of a tarred road to the palace that started in 2021 met a stiff resistance from Amba fighters who did not only chase the contractors away but made the contract a dead end. 

Under the leadership of the New Fon, peace, order and respect for the law and development promises to take Centre stage. 

Other Traditional rulers congratulate the New Fon

Born on the 12th December 1972, Fon FAN Angwafo IV was Principal of GTC Nkeung before his enthronement and has the mantle to lead one of the five first class Fondoms in the North West Region. 


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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