CS Mankon: PTA President begs Archbishop for Secondary school

Graduating pupils of CS Small Mankon

The PTA President of Catholic school small Mankon, Kebua Charles has called on the Archbishop of the Bamenda Archdiocese to think about the creation of a secondary school.

He was speaking as some 91 primary six pupils were graduating from the school.

"The PTA of CS Small Mankon heartily thank the proprietor of the school for the new structures that are propping up. It is a good sign of growth and development.

We wish to plead with the proprietor to consider the creation of a Secondary school here. This will ease us the parents who can easily send our children from primary to High school in the same environment." Charles Kebua told the Observer.

Charles Kebua, PTA President

While new structures are being constructed, the PTA President also called on the Archbishop to focus his attention on other buildings gradually giving way.

CS Small Mankon scored 100% at the religious studies certificate with Ngum Kelly on honours roll.

The jubilant parents who came to celebrate with their children thanked the management of the school and teachers for the sacrifices made during this period when the city of Bamenda is plagued by crisis.

The teachers, parents say, adopted coping mechanism by stopping parents rushing into school each time they're gunshots and actually making the school a comfortable abode for the children when guns start smoking.

To this end, the Pedagogic Inspector, Mbeh Elias encouraged the parents to send the kids graduating to Catholic Secondary schools. This he says the church gives holistic education.

"If the parents apply to enroll the kids in any of our secondary schools, they will be considered first.

We are encouraging parents to chose Catholic schools because we give holistic education. Education of the mind and of the soul." Mbeh Elias told the parents." 

As the children transcend into secondary education life, they were cautioned to be weary of social vices like drug abuse, scamming and should be careful with peer pressure.

Parents were also encouraged to save meticulously ahead of the new school year.

School under construction 

In songs, dances and recitation of memory verses, outstanding pupils received gifts from the PTA as an encouragement of their brilliant performance during their time at the school.

Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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