Bamenda: Uneasy Calm Begins After Ban On Circulation Of Bikes

Taxis in circulation could not meet up with the number of passengers on the streets

Uneasy calm has started returning to Bamenda, headquarters of the crisis-hit North West Region. 

This follows a ban on the circulation of motorbikes by municipal and administrative authorities. 

The ban was followed by the launch of a military operation code name 'Clean Bamenda'.

The operation aimed at pushing back separatist fighters and thwarting their repeatedly incursions. 

From a two week separatist-imposed lockdown, business persons, customers, got up to a very busy weekend Saturday September 19, 2020

Yellow caps were seen plying the roads with few bikes. This led to heavy traffic in the town.

"I took one hour from Foncha Junction to Commercial Avenue" Blaise, a commuter told the Observer

The lengthy traffic this Saturday was further compounded by numerous check points mounted by security elements. 

At the hospital roundabout, old Church Junction, Back Mortuary, Nitop, Mbengwi park was heavily militarised

Those who could not board the insufficient taxis plying the streets had to make it to work on foot, presenting their National Identity card at every check point

The restriction of the close to 10,000 bike riders from plying the urban centre has given an overwhelming load of passengers on yellow cap drivers

Taxi fare has skyrocketed as a normal distance that usually cost 100 Frs, now covers for 300 Frs

"From T-Junction to Hospital roundabout, 300 Frs? This is unheard of. A distance of less than 10 minutes" a passenger explained as this reporter trekked round the city centre

The insufficient taxis made others to trek from Nkwen to the Bamenda Main Market while some defiant bike riders were chased by the forces of law and order

News streaming into our service says the Bamenda City council will put some few yellow caps but this might not satisfy the population of Bamenda battered with bad roads

There is therefore an urgent need for the syndicate of Taxi drivers to regulate the amount demanded from passengers in the nearest future


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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