Bamenda II: UNDP Assist Internally Displaced Farmers with Poultry inputs, Chicks

Ruth Ndtebisee receiving her farm inputs from the Mayor of Bamenda II 

Some 3000 day old chicks, 30 bags of starter, grower feed, sprayers, 24 bags of feed have been handed to some 10 internally displaced women residing in Bamenda II subdivision.

The donation means the farmers can grow the chicks from Day one to the market without actually spending a dime.

The project is part of the recovery program of the United Nations Development Program that seeks to empower communities as well as rebuild better what has been destroyed in the restive North West and South West regions.

According to the Mayor of Bamenda II, Chenwi Peter, the donation is a clear indication that the reconstruction program of the Head of state is on;

"This UNDP assistance is a clear indication of the so much talked about reconstruction plan of the Head of the state which is being implemented by such an institution like the UNDP. I thank you for thinking about this municipality. This gesture will put smiles on the faces of these women affected by the crisis and help curb unemployment." Mayor Chenwi told the Press.

"For you the beneficiaries, make use of this gift and involve everyone around you. Once you succeed with this, more will come your way and the UNDP has indicated there is more to give." he told the farmers.


On its part, the representative of UNDP explained that the farm inputs and chicks would have been donated earlier but for some unforeseen delays by some unscrupulous contractors. Fuh George reminded the farmers that no item donated to them must be sold as inspection missions shall be constituted to visit their farms.

The beneficiaries through Ruth Ndtebisee, with overflowing tears and joy thanked the UNDP for the gesture and promised to effectively use the farm inputs.

"What you people have done for us today leaves us speechless and only God knows how deeply we appreciate. We thank the Mayor and UNDP for this good move. As the eldest amongst the beneficiaries, I will follow up to ensure we don't let you down."

The 10 new beneficiaries brings the number to 20 who have benefitted from the recovery program of the UNDP in Bamenda II through the handing over of feeds and chicks. 

The beneficiaries are poultry farmers who have lost their farms due to the ongoing sociopolitical unrest in the North West and South West regions. 

The famers have been reminded to grow quality chicken that can compete for prices at the next agricultural show.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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